Dr. Brenes,

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to you and your entire team for the care provided over the past week.

From the warm friendly greeting from Raquel Rodríguez each morning when we arrived, to the cheerful attitude of Maria Cavajal, the staff made Melody and I feel welcomed on each visit.

Both you and your assisting dentist demonstrated a very caring and compassionate attitude, making sure that I was as comfortable as possible through each of the procedures.

The calm manner in which everything was done reassured me that I was in the best of hands.

For the extractions and implants, I’ll admit – I was nervous. However, having had an opportunity to meet and talk with Dr. Retana helped reduce my fears. On the day of the first surgery, both Dr. Retana and you told me what was going to be happening and your calm, unhurried manner gave me confidence. Had anyone told me that such a procedure could be done in a gentle manner, I would not have believed it. However, Dr Retana and Ihis team were as gentle and reassuring as possible and I was amazed that there was no pain and only a very little discomfort during the many hours they spent working on me.

You have assembled a great team, one that made the first steps as easy as possible, and in a very friendly, and engaging manner. It was obvious that Melody and I were not simply an account number – that your team treated us as individuals and as a part of the treatment and healing team as well.

A month ago when Melody and I first visited your practice, I was ashamed to smile. In the past week, you and your team have given me back a smile! I cannot express how pleased I am with the progress thus far and how much I appreciate everyone’s efforts. Hopefully I have not overlooked anyone on your team that was involved in my care – if so, I do sincerely apologize.

I would be pleased to have any of your prospective patients from the U.S. contact me for references – I have only the highest respect and regards for you, Dr. Retana, and the rest of your team.


Ron Jones