Dr. Eugenio Brenes is interviewed by FOX News on a special report on Americans traveling to Costa Rica to have dental work done.

Dr. Eugenio Brenes and his staff at Advance Dental Costa Rica, have been tending to international patients for more than a decade. They see stories of patients that are quoted thousands of dollars in the US to have dental treatment done, treatment they sometimes didn’t even knew they needed until they visit a Doctor over some smaller discomfort. Some patients unfortunately put off dental treatment over the recession and now, once the economy started to bounce back, people begin tending to their teeth again. That’s when the surprise comes, and enter, Advance Dental Costa Rica as the ideal solution for people to access the best dental care in the world at much more affordable pricing, think 50% – 60% less, and that’s considering travel expenses.

How is this possible? The operational costs of running a dental office in the US are much higher than those of running the exact same office in Costa Rica. That’s what Dr. Brenes realized when he compared running his office in California, back in 2005, to running it in Costa Rica, beginning 2007. The materials used at Advance Dental Costa Rica are all FDA approved, all implants are made in the US and we have the latest technology and top notch equipment for applying anesthesia, performing root canals, oral surgeries, among others.

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