At Advance Dental Costa Rica, thanks to 15+ years of experience, highly trained specialists and staff, and the use of top quality materials and equipment, we are happy to inform our patients that we manage a 98% success rate on all dental procedures completed at our clinic.

If you recall your last visit to your local dentist, depending on the procedure, some minor adjustments might be required now and then. And this is to be expected. For local patients, this is no issue, as they can freely come and go at any time and we’ll take care of those. But…

What happens when our patients are visiting from abroad?

What happens if they need any kind of follow up once they go back home?

At Advance Dental Costa Rica we are happy to offer our international patients the possibility of taking care of these slight adjustments at a local clinic within their local area.

We belong to a network of US clinics, where we can refer our patients to and they will gladly look after the work you had done in Costa Rica. This is possible only because Dr. Brenes, our Director and Specialist in Prosthodontics, is US trained and a member of the American College of Prosthodontists, which goes to shoe other specialists that he has received the necessary training to complete the procedures you are needing to be looked after. And this way, another trip to Costa Rica might not be necessary.

*All cases are different and prior to visiting any local dental office for follow up, we strongly suggest you get in touch with our Patient Coordinator first. Our staff will show you how to proceed and we will make the proper referral. Warranties are only valid at our clinic in Costa Rica and restrictions may apply.