When talking about full mouth restorations, one must take into consideration both function and aesthetic when proposing a comprehensive plan that will seek to improve the health, function and beauty of the patient’s mouth. Who are the perfect candidates for our Costa Rica full mouth restoration procedures?

Candidates For a Full Mouth Restoration

Patients who have lost multiple teeth, or that have large fillings that may be failing, those who have cracked, broken teeth and that have decay; as well as patients who have bruxism (teeth grinding) and have badly worn teeth. There are also patients in need of a full mouth reconstruction due to conditions such as Ectodermal Dysplasia, Ameliogenesis, or Dentinogenisis Imperfecta.

Costa Rica Full Mouth Restoration

Patients who have had oral cancer may also require a full mouth reconstruction to replace missing teeth and in some cases, replace missing structures of the oral cavity. Restorations such as onlays, inlays, dental implants, dentures, veneers or bridges are usually used to help achieve a smile makeover that overlooks function and aesthetics.

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