Many people are not happy with their current smile. Either their front teeth don’t have the shape they would want them to have, or some of them are crooked or have old restorations on them that make them look different; some have stains produced by medication they might have taken when they were younger, or some simply have small imperfections that make them look unappealing.

In cases when the problem is the shape, the size, the length or the color of the front teeth, the best option to improve the aesthetic problem are Porcelain Veneers.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain Veneers are small porcelain restorations that are cemented permanently to the teeth, in order to obtain the changes desired by the patient regarding his or her dental expectations.

There are many questions concerning porcelain veneers. Amongst them we can quote: “Why should I get them?”, “How much of the tooth must be affected?”, “Am I going to look well once I have them?”, and “How many veneers do I have to get?”

Ask us About Our Porcelain Veneers Procedures in Costa Rica

To begin answering them, let’s start by saying why we need porcelain veneers, and when is this treatment appropriate.

Why and in What Cases do we Need Porcelain Veneers?

This procedure is indicated when a radical change of the shape, size or color of the teeth is intended. At Advance Dental we decide what dental treatment we are going to pursue after sitting down with patients and talking about what they expect.

With this information, and several diagnosis techniques, we decide the necessary treatment to obtain the results desired by the patient.

Dental whitening is an excellent option if the patient is happy with the shape and size of his teeth, but not with the color.

If changes in the shape and size are to be made, veneers are the most conservative and predictable option.

At Advance Dental Costa Rica we believe in conservative dentistry, and that is why using porcelain veneers is a treatment we use on a daily basis in our practice.

Veneers have a width that can vary from 0.3 to 0.5 mm and they cover the tooth providing a shape, size and color completely different from the original. In order to apply this treatment, teeth must be slightly prepared, but in some occasions there is no need of affecting the tooth.

The process we use at our practice for veneers requires 3 very important appointments:

First Appointment – Pictures, Models and X-Rays

On the first appointment we talk about your dental expectations, we take pictures, study models, x-rays, and in this appointment we agree on the treatment that is to be followed. This process usually takes one hour.

Second Appointment – Teeth Preparation

The second appointment is usually right after the first one, and in this one we prepare the teeth so that they can receive the veneers, and a model of your mouth is taken in order to prepare the veneers. This appointment usually takes 2.5 hours.

Third Appointment – Veneers Placement

The third appointment is the one in which we finalize the treatment and place the permanent veneers. These are not finished until you approve the changes made. Once we have your approval, we proceed to end this appointment. This session takes 2.5 hours.

When the veneers are ready, you will be able to display a renewed and improved smile, and you will be able to enjoy life, without worrying about the shape of your teeth.

How Many Veneers do You Need?

The number of veneers needed will depend on the expectations of the patient. However, making a single tooth and leaving the rest untreated is one of the most complicated treatments to obtain predictable results, because it is always extremely challenging to faithfully reproduce the details of a natural tooth vs. a tooth with a porcelain veneer.

Dr. Eugenio Brenes made his Aesthetic and Dental Restoration specialty in Los Angeles, California, from 2003 to 2007. During this time, he learned in his residency the most successful and predictable techniques to make his porcelain veneers look as natural as possible.

Contact us at Advance Dental Costa Rica, so that we can schedule a first session and see if porcelain veneers are the best option to improve your smile.

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