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Dental Fillings

After an accident, trauma, cavities or any other dental problems, one of the Costa Rica dental procedures or treatments recommended by our team is a white composite restoration. Such restorations are made when a small portion of the tooth needs to be resconstructed.

Teeth Whitening / Bleaching

Enjoy the look of a whiter, more radiant smile with a teeth-whitening treatment. We offer different bleaching/Whitening options. This is the ideal complement to a dental hygiene or oral restorations.

Porcelain veneers

Give your teeth a new look with porcelain veneers. This type of restoration covers your front teeth with a porcelain veneer that helps the tooth acquire a fresh new look since it hides all imperfections.

Dental implants

These are artificial substitutes of the roots of natural teeth. Restorations are permanently implanted in the oral cavity. Replaced teeth are fixed to the supporting part of the implant.

Dental bridges

When one or more teeth are lost, a bridge may be the recommended solution. The bridge is a structure that spans through space between teeth, which is connected by existing teeth in both sides.

Dental Crowns

This type of restoration is used on teeth that show a significant loss of dental structure. A much damaged tooth is strengthened in its entirety by covering it with a porcelain jacket.


These type of removable oral restorations are designed for persons that have lost all their teeth, upper, lower or both, for different reasons. With complete dentures, the appearance and functionality of the mouth is renewed

Inlays / Onlays

Remember that in order to qualify for porcelain inlays, your teeth must have at least 80% of their original structure present and intact

Full Mouth rehabilitation

These are highly complex rehabilitations involving all or almost all the teeth. When is this treatment necessary?

Oral surgeries

There is a wide variety of surgical treatment designed for different puporses, such as improving gum outline, setting implants, removing teeth and some of an exploratory nature, among others.

Root canals

When the vitality of a tooth is compromised, or its nerve has been damaged, a root canal treatment is in order.

Evaluations and Cleanings

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