• Where is Advance Dental Costa Rica?

    Advance Dental Costa Rica is located at CIMA Hospital in San José, Costa Rica in the Escazú area. CIMA Hospital is one of two JCI approved hospitals in Costa Rica, where Dr. Brenes is currently the Chief of Dentistry

  • What is Advance Dental International Patient Center?

    Advance Dental International Patient Center (ADI) provides personalized, English spoken, appropriate care for patients traveling to Advance Dental Costa Rica from outside Costa Rica.

  • Does ADI (Advance Dental International Patient Center) provide personalized care for traveling patients?

    Yes. From your first inquiry, you will be paired with our International Patient Coordinator – an expert on Advance Dental Costa Rica who helps our patients and their families navigate the system so they can focus on what´s most important: their dental treatment and recovery. Our Patient Coordinator will help you access all of the services you would expect from a world-class dental practice and assist with anything else to make Advance Dental Costa Rica feel as close to home as possible.

  • What specific services does ADI offer traveling patients?

    It is our priority to to assist you during this whole experience: before, during and after your visit.

    How We Care for You

    Before your Visit

    Appointment Scheduling
    Financial Information and counseling
    estimate cost of dental care
    Assistance with accommodation
    Assistance with transportation

    During your Visit

    Provide language assistance
    Follow-up appointments scheduling (as necessary)
    Concierge services for sightseeing or leisure activities
    Internet access
    Answer any questions you may have

    After your Visit

    Assistance with financial information
    Arrange transportation to the airport (as necessary)
    Future appointment scheduling

  • Does ADI assist with booking my travel?

    Travel arrangements are up to each patient. However, our International Patient Coordinator can recommend a list of hotels that offer special rates to our patients and that are located either within walking distance from our Clinic or just a few minutes away from us. Our Patient Coordinator will gladly send this information to you.

  • I will want to stay somewhere close to the Clinic, do you have accommodations that are nearby?

    A lot of the hotels within our area offer special rates to our Patients. Our Patient Coordinator will gladly provide you with a list of hotels and accommodation options that are located within walking distance or just a short 5 minute drive away.

  • Is there a charge for the services provided by the ADI office?

    No. There is no additional charge for the services provided by the ADI office. However, while recommendations and assistance are provided in transportation and accommodation services, these services are not included and travel expenses are up to each patient.

  • Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

    You may contact our International Patient Coordinator. She will contact you one we receive your fist inquiry. Patients may also contact us by email at info@advancedentalcostarica.com or phone by calling our US number (831) 250-8105 and leaving a call back message.

  • How do I make an appointment?

    Here´s how it works: We provide you with a tentative treatment plan (it is tentative until everything is confirmed at the initial evaluation in our office). Once you agree to it, we book your appointments. In order to do this, we need your flight confirmation so we can schedule them on the dates that work for you.

  • What is the time period for the entire process of getting an appointment after I have contacted you?

    Our usual time frame for scheduling an appointment may be 2 or 3 weeks ahead of the date you have in mind, and we would have to check availability on our agenda first.

    In order to process your appointment, our Patient Coordinator will inform you of our next available openings and will wait for your approval by either email or phone. Once your approval is received, our International Patient Coordinator will go ahead and book your appointments. Please note that if a flight confirmation from you is not received 48 hours after your approval, your appointments will be canceled.