Are you one of the thousands of Americans that are thinking about going to Costa Rica for your dentures?

You’re far from alone. It’s an increasingly popular alternative to an expensive, subpar healthcare system in the US. If you want dentures in Costa Rica, you’re in the right place.

We at Advance Dental are going to tell you why you should come to Costa Rica to get your dentures.

We are also going to talk about the different denture options we offer in Costa Rica and other important information regarding this dental procedure.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are replacements for missing teeth. Complete dentures replace all teeth and removable partial dentures replace some teeth.

By matching each individual’s unique smile and bite, dentures can improve facial appearance and self-confidence. Dentures may also improve speech problems caused by missing teeth and will improve chewing.

With complete dentures, the appearance and functionality of the mouth is renewed. They are also used in the initial stage before a complete fixed rehabilitation through implants.

You will find removable partial dentures, which are recommended for patients that have lost several teeth, but not all of them. With this type of denture, the remaining teeth are used to hold or anchor a removable bridge in place. Using dental implants is recommend in some cases at they will increase the stability of the removable partial dentures. There are other cases, where implants are ultimately the b best solution to replace missing teeth.

Costa Rica Dentures - Types

Why have Dentures in Costa Rica?

There are so many reasons to get dentures in Costa Rica. Dental tourism has never been so popular and these are the reasons why:

Dentures are Cheaper in Costa Rica

How much do dentures cost in Costa Rica?

A fraction of the price of dentures in the United States. Regardless of where you live, the price is always going to be lower in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Has Professional USA Trained Dentists

Many of the doctors working in Costa Rica were either trained in the US or they worked there for a time. They understand the needs and expectations of the US patient.

English Friendly

Costa Rica is filled with Americans. This is a land that has boomed through dental tourism, so when you arrive you won’t have any problems fitting in.

Costa Rica Offers Dentistry Standards You Expect

You expect certain standards from your chosen dental clinic. Despite being in Central America, Costa Rica has the same health care standards as those in the West. Clinics are geared towards visitors from other countries, so you won’t have to worry about not getting sufficient care.

Excellent Vacation Destination

Combine your healthcare with an affordable vacation at the same time. It’s a great excuse to get some rest and relaxation.

These are the main reasons why Costa Rica should be your number one destination if you need dentures that are going to last.

Dentures with Porcelain Teeth vs. Acrylic Teeth

The answer to this debate depends on your specific situation.

For example, acrylic dentures cause less wear on natural teeth than porcelain dentures do. For someone looking for partial dentures that will touch their natural teeth, acrylic teeth are the best option for you.

However, porcelain teeth can be cheaper and they can still give you that natural look you want. They closely match the color of your natural tooth color.

But it should be noted that acrylic dentures are better at absorbing the force of chewing. You don’t need to worry about brittleness with acrylic dentures. Plus acrylic won’t accelerate bone loss in the jaw by transferring the force caused by chewing to the bone underneath your dentures.

You should think about what’s important to you and what you’re looking to get out of a pair of dentures.

What is the Cost of Dentures in Costa Rica Compared to the United States?

For the purposes of this section, we’re not going to take into account any additional time you spend in Costa Rica as part of your vacation. We’re going to take a pair of dentures and compare the costs between the United States and Costa Rica. And, yes, this doesn’t take into account differences between states. It’s an average.

The average cost of a pair of dentures in the United States will run you about $1,800 to $2,000, depending on the type of denture you choose.

At a dental clinic in Costa Rica, you can expect to pay as little as $500 to $600 for exactly the same pair of dentures.

Isn’t it amazing how much of a difference there is for the same procedure?

And with the cost of living in Costa Rica, you could easily turn that difference into an extra week of vacation time. These are the differences we’re talking about, so why wouldn’t you want to choose Costa Rica?

Tips for Getting Permanent Dentures


Do Your Research

Don’t just take our word for where you should get your dentures. Do your research and take a look at the providers available. We believe we offer the best balance between top quality treatment and affordability.

Know What You Need

Make sure you know exactly what you need before arriving in Costa Rica. Ideally, you should have already consulted with your dentist back in the US.

Book Your Denture Procedure Appointment in Advance

Organize your travel arrangements well in advance. You always get the best deals by booking at least a month in advance. Try to avoid the main tourist seasons to save even more. Prices can be cheaper during the off-season.

Take into Account Follow-Up Denture Care

Depending on your dentures, you may need to return to our dental clinic for further treatment. Talk to us about how many appointments you will need to attend before booking your accommodation.

Can You Get Around?

Dental clinics like ours are located in places that are used to tourists. Not all of them are. If you don’t speak Spanish, make sure you are staying in a place that has plenty of English speakers.

Thankfully, this has become even easier over the last decade. There is an entire industry geared towards visiting Westerners who don’t speak a word of Spanish.

You will even find that many shops and restaurants have English translations of everything!

Complete Dentures

A set of complete dentures are designed for people who have no teeth left. Many people take this option because it’s a more permanent solution to the problem.

For example, a pair of partial dentures will have to be remolded if the wearer loses any further teeth later.

Complete dentures are designed to provide you with a full set of artificial teeth. They can often be positioned immediately after teeth removal, so you don’t need to be without teeth for any period of time.

However, be aware that some types of complete dentures, such as immediate dentures, require regular adjustments to get them right.

Talk to us about your specific situation so we can decide on the correct type of complete dentures for you.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures, or removable dentures as they are known, are teeth that are attached to a base of the same color as your gums. This plastic base may even be connected to metal frames to hold them in your mouth.

These are designed for people who still have some of their natural teeth remaining. Depending on how many teeth you have and where they’re positioned, a dental bridge will be cemented in place and the new artificial teeth will fill in the gaps.

Unlike with complete dentures, you don’t need to have any of your natural teeth removed.

Some of our patients also receive dental crowns alongside their new partial dentures.

Implant Supported Dentures

Do you want dentures that don’t involve adhesives?

Implant supported dentures are exactly what they sound like. A number of dental implants from our clinic will hold the dentures in place. Many patients like these dentures because they feel like they’re more natural than conventional denture sets.

Implants are typically made from titanium and replicate the effects of tooth roots. They eventually bond to your jaw and essentially become a natural part of you.

It’s an excellent alternative for patients who prefer to avoid conventional dentures when they visit our dental clinic in Costa Rica.

All on 4 Permanent Dentures

Do you want your mouth to feel more natural but you still need dentures?

Our All on 4 Costa Rica Permanent Dentures might be just the fit for you. Using CT scanners, we plot the ideal areas of your teeth for two implants in your upper jaw and two implants in your lower jaw.

The point behind these implants is to provide a base for a set of full dentures. These dentures will be secured and they will act like a pair of natural teeth. They don’t have to be removed and you’ll be able to care for them in the same way as natural teeth.

And it takes just one day to perform the procedure and for you to get back that winning smile.

It’s the most advanced form of denture available and has been revolutionary for those who need dentures and those who want to move away from conventional dentures.

How Do I Book My Dentures in Costa Rica?

The first step to booking your dentures in Costa Rica is to figure out what type of dentures you want, as well as how much of a budget you have.

To begin with, get in contact with us and we’ll talk about the different options on the table and what they involve. You’ll also get a better idea as to the price of each procedure.

Then you can take as much time as you need to make your final decision.

Once you have decided on the denture type you want, it’s time to figure out an appointment. We’ll collaborate on this and before you know it you’ll be on your way to Advance Dental.

Then all there is to do is to figure out your travel arrangements.

So with that in mind, get in contact with us today and let’s get you the set of dentures you deserve!

Be sure to consult with our specialists to determine if a removable partial denture will satisfy your needs – Contact Us Here –.