There is a wide variety of surgical treatments designed for different purposes, such as improving gum outline, setting implants, removing teeth and some of an exploratory nature, among others. This type of intervention is mostly perfomed by a team including other highly professional specialists such as: periododontists, endodontists and maxillofacial surgeons. Advance dental offers high quality Costa Rica oral surgery procedures at affordable prices.

Endodontic Surgery

It is recommended when a root canal alone can not save a tooth and so it is used to locate small fractures or hidden canals that are not detected on x-rays or during previous treatment

Gum Graft Surgery

It is used to repair and prevent gum recession and bone loss. It can also be sued to cover roots. The way it works is that usually, the Periodontist will take gum from the Patient’s palate (or another source) and will use it to cover the exposed root. It can be done for once or several teeth and also helps reduce sensitivity.

Costa Rica Oral Surgery - Gum Graft

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