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Are you searching for information on “dental tourism Costa Rica”. If so, you are at the right place. Read more to learn why.

Affordable dental care is becoming more and more a reality for patients seeking to have dental treatment completed, which was initially thought to be quite difficult because of it’s high prices. How is this possible one might wonder? The cost for procedures such as dental implants is sometimes outrageous in countries such as the United Sates, Canada and most European nations. The key lies in the booming phenomenon that is medical and dental tourism.

What exactly is dental tourism?

Dental tourism is just what you think of when you read it: going on a vacation to get dental work. Each year, thousands of Patients from these countries travel abroad to have medical and dental procedures completed at much more affordable pricing.

With dental tourism, many patients take advantage of the fact that they’ll visit a beautiful country such as Costa Rica, and take in a couple of free days they might have on their schedule to do some sightseeing, relax and enjoy some time off while they are at it. Which happens to be a great plan! For less money than it would cost them to have the dental work completed back home, with dental tourism tourists are able to plan a vacation and have the treatment completed abroad.

There are also people who will do dental tourism the other way around: they first plan a vacation, and when they realize they have the possibility of having affordable dental care done, they will try to fit into their plans by scheduling a dental cleaning or an evaluation, to be able to have an estimate drawn up for them so that they may come back later to have the work completed.

Quality and Work Experience – An Important Consideration When Thinking of Getting a Costa Rica Dental Procedure

When considering the possibility of seeking affordable dental treatment outside of their countries, quality is what’s on everyone’s mind. People receive quotes for the exact same procedures, and patients ask themselves, will the quality be not as good, just as good… or could it even be better?

At Advance Dental Costa Rica, we are Costa Rica dental tourism experts, our experienced Costa Rica dentists understand the fact that considering traveling abroad for any kind of dental procedure is a big and important decision, and we know that you may begin by comparing several offices, even several countries. So we will recommend that you go ahead and ask questions, compare, but most importantly know what questions to ask.

What Questions Should You Consider When Analyzing Dental Clinics in Costa Rica?

  • Who are the professionals in charge of your dental work? What was their training? (Don´t be afraid to ask for resumés and compare)
  • What treatments do they offer and what treatments do they specialize on?
  • Does the Costa Rica Dental Clinic and professionals have experience with International Patients?
  • What kind of follow up will be available to you back home for the work abroad?
  • Does the Costa Rica Dental Clinic has international accreditations that can verify your safety is taken care of?
  • What would happen in the case of an emergency?
  • Where is the Costa Rica Dental Clinic located?
  • Is it a safe country / place to walk around?
  • Are sterilization standards being met?

What Should Tourists Expect From Getting a Dental Treatment at Advance Dental Costa Rica?

At Advance Dental Costa Rica, we pride in offering you the same top quality dental work and treatments that you would find at your local dentist’s office (even better!), at much more affordable pricing. The reason for this, first of all, is because the costs of running an office in Costa Rica are much lower than those of running an office in the United States.

FDA Approved Top Quality Dental Materials & USA Trained Dentist in Costa Rica

We use the same top quality materials, FDA approved, at our office. And one of the most important factors for tourists to consider: your work is supervised by a US-trained Specialist, our Director, Dr. Eugenio Brenes. Dr. Brenes’ specialty is Prosthodontics. He trained at Loma Linda University in California and is a member of the American College of Prosthodontists. This means that he received the same training as your local Prosthodontist.

USA Certified Dental Clinic & USA Certified Costa Rican Dentists in Costa Rica

Our clinic is certified by organizations such as the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery, that verifies that safety and sterilization protocols, as well as patient privacy policies, are the same as any clinic in the United States.

Convenient Costa Rica Location for Getting Your Dental Procedures

Our Costa Rican office is also located within a JCI (Joint Commission International) approved CIMA Hospital, which focuses on providing and preserving outstanding quality patient care; Dr. Brenes is currently the Director of the Dental Department at CIMA and Chief of Dental Emergencies for the Hospital as well.

So now that you know what Costa Rican dental tourism is, and what you should do to choose the best practice available to you, you might wonder how does it work?

How Can You Fit a Vacation and Dental Treatment in Costa Rica Into The Same Trip?

When international patients schedule an appointment at Advance Dental Costa Rica, they already have a detailed schedule that specifies when they are required to come in to the clinic for appointments, and when they will be able to have days off. These days off are usually because our lab requires pre-established time to work on different restorations such as dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures, etc; or because we might suggest you have a rest day in between procedures, depending on the treatment, which varies from patient to patient. Also, depending on each patient’s procedures, is the type of activities we will recommend you do and which ones to avoid, according to the after care instructions that are given to each patient.

This is how, patients are able to plan ahead what activities to enjoy on these days off. Some may visit Costa Rica’s rainforests, others take a two day trip to beaches, volcanoes and hot springs.

Are you Ready to Visit a World Known Location Such as Costa Rica for Your Dental Needs?

So now, you have the opportunity to visit a great country like Costa Rica, be able to enjoy everything it has to offer, and get the dental treatment you deserve and desire, all at affordable prices. Even though it sounds like a dream, medical and dental tourism is a reality for all of the international patients we see on a daily basis at Advance Dental Costa Rica!

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