Dr Eugenio Brenes

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Dr. Eugenio Brenes
Director at Advance Dental Costa Rica

“Most Accomplished prosthodontist in Latin America”

Dr. Brenes is the Director at Advance Dental Costa Rica. A US trained Prosthodontist, whose speciality is in Dental Restoration, Prosthetics and Dental Aesthetics, Dr. Brenes received his degree from Loma Linda University, in California, where he completed for 4 years, his residency in oral restorations and dental aesthetics.

He is an active member of the American College of Prosthodontists, whose members are only US trained Prosthodontists. Dr. Brenes is also the Head of Dental Surgery at CIMA Hospital, where we are located, which is the #1 ranked hospital in Central America and affiliated with Baylor Hospital in Dallas, TX. He is the Chief of Dental Emergencies at the Hospital as well.

Dr. Brenes personally oversees the Rehabilitation and Dental Aesthetics Department at Advance Dental Costa Rica, which means that for Patients coming in for dental crowns, dental implants, dentures, veneers, full mouth rehabilitations, among others, Dr. Brenes will be the one supervising their treatment.

However, he is also in charge of looking after all of the other Departments at our clinic, as well as our wonderful team of Specialists, Assistants, Technicians and office staff, who all work together towards achieving the same goal: delivering successful and predictable results to our Patients.

What most Patients will tell you about Dr. Brenes is that he will make you feel comfortable and at ease from day 1. During the evaluation, Dr. Brenes enjoys taking his time to speak with his Patients (that appointment alone can last up to 2 hours if needed!) and learning about their needs, their goals and struggles they’ve had in finding the smile they have always wanted. He will provide you with answers, options and the best dental care available in the world!

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"I have returned to Dr. Brenes, office for more dental work and as anticipated I am extremely satisfied, no pain and excellent value."

Evelyn T.

"Dr. Brenes, a U.S. educated dentist, provides excellent dental care at minimal costs. A pristine office with the most modern U.S. equipment. I am returning to Dr. Brenes on my next trip to Costa Rica."

Evelyn T.

"Thank you for the excellent care you and your staff provided to both Ofelia and myself. The work you do is truly exceptional."

Bert + Ofelia Podido

"Thank you for skills and caring as a Prosthodontist and your friendship. You are a special & wonderful person.
Nancy Zyback"
Nancy Zyback