When a small cavity can be spotted in one of our teeth, or a small fracture or imperfection shows and it needs to be repaired, the most conservative and aesthetic option is to use a composite restoration. This procedure is also known as a white tooth filling.

At Advance Dental Costa Rica, this is one of the most common dental treatments since it has an accessible cost and the results are highly satisfactory for our patients.

At Advance Dental Costa Rica we use the best tested materials in all of our procedures, and it is because of this that Cosmodent Renamel, Ultradent, Opalecense and Coltene Miris resins are our options for this treatment, since they are more resistant and give a better aesthetic result than other resins in the market.

Dr. Eugenio Brenes, D.D.S., received in 2008 a training with Dr. Didier Dietschi, one of the top authorities in resins procedures, in San Francisco, California.

With Dr. Dietschi, he acquired the knowledge necessary to perform the technique called “The Natural Layering Concept” that takes the natural characteristics of the tooth and applies them to the restoration, giving a result that looks extremely natural, is resistant and predictable.

To perform a composite restoration from 45 minutes to one hour per tooth are usually required.

The procedure consists in preparing the affected area, as long as it involves from a third to half of the dental structure remaining. When the tooth is ready, the resin is applied and detailed individually, maintaining the structure of the tooth that surrounds it.

Details must be defined to avoid bite changes. Once the resin is sculpted and designed, a light cure process is used to make the restoration acquire its full hardness and resistance capacity.

Dental resin treatments are painless, fast and can usually be done in one session. There is no need of making dental models or scheduling a try-in appointments.

There is no medical contraindication against this treatment. Visit us or contact us at Advance Dental Costa Rica so that we can provide you with more information regarding dental resins and on how we can schedule an appointment, so that we can help you with your treatment.

If you have any questions about our dental fillings or composite restorations feel free to contact us here.