In this page you will find real Costa Rica dental work reviews from Advance Dental’s patients.

It is a fact that dental tourism in Costa Rica has been growing at a steady pace not only because of the savings patients experience by getting their treatments done here but also because of the top quality of the materials and highly trained dentists and specialists.

The most sought dental procedures in Costa Rica by international patients include, dental implants, full mouth restorations and dental crowns.

Dental Tourism Reviews and Testimonials:

Patient Reviews on Google

Alex Sukhov
Alex Sukhov
This was one of my most pleasant dental experiences that I have not had recently. They are a “one stop shop” with 5 professional, efficient, friendly specialized doctors that deal with ALL dental issues with total comfort and they are reasonably priced! I highly recommend this clinic to people looking for the best to treat all dental issues. Vladimir Sukhov
K. W. Jeter
K. W. Jeter
I would give a ten star review for Advance Dental Clinic if I could. I had a lot of work done there — crowns, bridge, implants, extractions, root canals & more — and everything was done to my complete satisfaction, and I’m now enjoying the results. The clinic & its equipment is so modern & high tech, it’s like something out of Star Trek! Dr. Brenes & his associates, including Dr. Tiapa, who did my root canals, are true perfectionists. All of the staff at Advance Dental Clinic are so friendly & caring, I genuinely enjoyed spending time with them. I would recommend Advance Dental Clinic to anyone in need of a high level of dental services.
Robert Pease
Robert Pease
Advanced Dental Costa Rica wins high marks for its professionalism, punctuality, and quality of care and work. I am a nervous wreck when it comes to dental procedures. The doctors and staff helped me to feel comfortable and relax as much as possible when facing several root canals and crown work, and the awful drilling noises that occur during the procedures. They carefully determined the work necessary, described the work to help relieve my anxiety, and made a schedule to get the work done before I returned home to the USA. I highly recommend Advanced Dental Costa Rica to everyone as you will get excellent care. You may still have time left in your vacation to enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica. Once here, you will have a positive experience to remember.
Megan O'Donnell
Megan O'Donnell
I traveled to Costa Rica for dental care with Advanced Dental and everything about the experience has exceeded my expectations. From the start, working with Andy to schedule my appointments and understand my anticipated treatment plan was so smooth and easy. Once I got to their beautiful offices, I was greeted warmly and compassionately. My care was personalized to my needs and preferences. Dr. Brenes and his entire team are extremely well qualified, spoke English with me, and gave me the best dental care of my life. They were extremely kind and patient with me when I shared that dental work gives me a lot of anxiety. I cannot recommend this practice and this decision highly enough. I will be sending all my family and friends to see Dr. Brenes at Advanced Dental!
Pura Vida Home Inspections
Pura Vida Home Inspections
Wow. I had a CT scan and my dental team found that I need 4 root canals and crowns. 1st one done today. 3 more to go. Advance Dental is my goto place for cleanings, dental work and my Invisaligners.
Tamara Krueger
Tamara Krueger
We took an extended vacation in CR and chose to visit a dentist abroad. We chose Advanced Dental one partly due to the convenience of the location but also we were very impressed with their facility. Their office is very clean and new. The staff was fantastic as they were very accommodating with our schedules, professional, courteous, and made you feel welcome. In the US we would have had to wait 3-6 months to see a dentist and with Advanced Dental they were able to work with our schedules. I even had my daughter get a check up and her Dentist made the visit very comfortable for her! Definitely recommend Advanced Dental and would go here again!
Ana Carolina Uribe Ruiz
Ana Carolina Uribe Ruiz
Excelente servicio y profesionalismo. Además los resultados son extraordinarios! No hay mas palabras para recomendar a los profesionales de Advance Dental en Costa Rica . Felicitaciones a todo el equipo .
Alcira Villarreal
Alcira Villarreal
I went into Advance Dental in Costa Rica from Miami, Florida for the first time for dental works. Since the first call from Miami asking for a quote, everything was very professional and very clear. I had a great experience from start to finish. They have advanced equipment and everything state of the art. They gave me since the beginning a detailed printout of the costs of my visits and future dental works that needed to be done. I recommend them! (Tip: appointments are as scheduled but call in advance because they are very busy office, I took that as a good sign! The good thing is that you have all the specialist you need in the same place. Best staff I've ever dealt with, and the Doctors are very professional and explains each procedure thoroughly and explains each process as they are working in you. Again, I am so happy and satisfied and would recommend to family and friends. Great professionals who do everything humanly possible to make you relax and truly cares. Staff is great and always happy to help. If it is your first time in Costa Rica, don’t worry they know how to make you feel at home and help you to enjoy the beautiful of their country. See you in three months friends!!!
Cant say enough good things about this dentistry. All the staff are amazing, knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I have property in Atenas and was planning a visit from Florida where I live and was told before my visit by my USA dentist I needed an implant as saving the tooth was too expensive. So I did some research and read the reviews and I am very happy with my decision Advance Dental not only saved my tooth with a root canal and crown they identified the neighbor tooth was as needing a root canal and crown. I saved a lot of money by visiting Advance Dental and plan to return later in the year for more treatment. Thank you!
Timothy Vaught
Timothy Vaught
Highly recommend Advanced Dental. The staff is very friendly and professional, they treat you great. The quality of work, care and results are great. Traveled from Orlando, saved money and got to visit a beautiful county. Office is in nice area with lots of restaurants.

Patient Testimony Nancy

Patient Testimony Bernie

Patient Testimony Kelly

Patient Testimony Bill

"I have returned to Dr. Brenes, office for more dental work and as anticipated I am extremely satisfied, no pain and excellent value."

Evelyn T.

"Dr. Brenes, a U.S. educated dentist, provides excellent dental care at minimal costs. A pristine office with the most modern U.S. equipment. I am returning to Dr. Brenes on my next trip to Costa Rica."

Evelyn T.

"Thank you for the excellent care you and your staff provided to both Ofelia and myself. The work you do is truly exceptional."

Bert + Ofelia Podido

"Thank you for skills and caring as a Prosthodontist and your friendship. You are a special & wonderful person.
Nancy Zyback"
Nancy Zyback


If you choose Advance Dental Costa Rica for your dental work, I'm sure you will be as pleased as I am. I recommend Dr Brenes without reservation.

"My teeth have always been weak, and years of dental problems left me with a mouth that always bothered me. Cracked teeth and crowns gave me recurring infections and large dental bills every year. In 2018, needing four new crowns and two new implants, I decided to try Advanced Dental Costa Rica, based on Dr. Brenes' California residency in oral restoration and he impressed me from the start. He was knowledgeable, friendly and patient in answering all my questions. He pointed out that the issues I was having with my remaining teeth could be addressed by a full-mouth restoration. Since he inspired confidence, I chose that option. I'm writing this account for anyone considering Dr. Brenes for such a procedure.

A full-mouth restoration is undeniably expensive, but costs far less in Costa Rica than in the US. In my case, dental fees, travel costs and accommodations totaled less than half what I'd have paid at home. Also, Costa Rica is a great place to visit, with its natural splendor, fascinating history and friendly people. I wish Dr Brenes had put his office closer to the beach but the lab days while waiting for the crowns to be made let me try surfing on my first visit and study Spanish on my second.

Also, a full-mouth restoration entails many uncomfortable hours of prepping old teeth for crowns, but Dr Brenes and his staff made it as comfortable as possible. For me, the hardest part was getting used to the feel of the new teeth afterward. Dr. Brenes advised me correctly to give it time, and the discomfort went away after a couple of months as I got used to having functional teeth.

Now, over a year later, I'm completely delighted. After decades of constant dental problems, my new teeth feel solid, work perfectly, and look great. I only think about them now when I happen to see them in a mirror – and smile!"
Jeff Lawrence

Amazing experience! Really grateful and impressed by the excellent high-quality care that I received at Advance Dental.

"Dr. Eugenio Brenes is a true professional: highly trained, talented, patient, and a genuinely caring human being. He really took the time to make sure that I understood our options every step of the way (even going so far as to sketch out what he was talking about on paper just to make extra sure that I understood what he was saying--even though he speaks fluent English). Yet I also felt respected and free to choose which way I wanted to go based on the various options that he presented.

By way of background: I'm from Boston, Massachusetts in the US, and the Periodontist that I had been referred to by my local dentist had recommended extracting 3 of my front teeth and replacing them with implants. I was inclined to go with it, but after hearing about Advance Dental Costa Rica and contacting them, they responded that based on my X-Rays, they were confident that they could actually save my teeth--and they did! I'm so grateful I took the leap of faith and made the trip--it was totally worth it.

In addition to Dr. Brenes, everyone else I interacted with at Advance Dental, from Andrea "Andy" Acosta (with whom I corresponded before, during and after my visit and who also scheduled all of my procedures) to Dra. Mónica Fabian (Dental Therapist who was there to greet me every day), Dr. Samir Tiapa (the amazing Endodontist who did my root canals) and Dra. Rossie Brender (the Periodontist who helped cut open and then stitch back the roof of my mouth and gums--with sutures that were so fine I could barely feel them), as well as their assistants--everyone was genuinely warm and professional (and that was despite everyone being in hazmat suits and masks due to COVID). I really felt like I was getting the best possible care, and had the utmost confidence that everything they did was fully-thought out to produce the best outcomes possible. I highly recommend this team, and in fact, am planning to return for even more work next fall (some crowns) as I can't imagine a better, more qualified team!

Their office, equipment and procedures are all world-class (plus they have everything they need onsite). Also worth mentioning is that they all speak fluent English and their office is in San José's upscale neighborhood of Escazú, surrounded by high-end stores, restaurants and hotels (not to mention the Starbucks that I went to every day), so even coming from the United States, I felt right at home the entire time."
Ben Gregg

Advance Dental is everything you want your dental office to be

"When we first mentioned to friends that we were going to Costa Rica for dental implants and new crowns the responses ranged from disbelief, to concern, to warnings that it would not be safe to be treated outside the US. We did not make the decision to go abroad on a whim. Indeed, we selected Costa Rica after careful research and interviews with dental practices in two different countries."

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Michael Parsons

We found Dr. Brenes to be exactly who he represented himself to be on his website

"January 18, 2016 To all who are considering Dr. Eugenio Brenes for your dental needs: I did extensive research online before we made our appointments with Dr. Brenes. When we arrived for our appointments, we found Dr. Brenes to be exactly who he represented himself to be on his website. He has a modern up-to-date office and friendly well trained staff."

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Fred Voltmer

I am so proud of the way my teeth look now

" I am writing this letter in regards to Dr. Brenes; I have been one of his patients since 2005. In the time I have been his patient, I have been taken care of with Kindness, Professionalism, and Courtesy. He is a very caring person; he makes sure you’re not in pain and that you’re comfortable, and that’s very important to me.

My teeth were a mess before Dr. Brenes started working on them. It’s been a long process, but it’s been worth it. I am so proud of the way my teeth look now, thanks to Dr. Brenes; I appreciate all the services I have received from him. "

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Trudy Furtado

I appreciate your hard work and caring manner

" For You,
Dr. Brenes

I hope you’ll always realize
How very much you mean
To those whose lives
You’ve touched along the way
That you’ll know
The happy smiles you see
And laughter that you hear

…are the thank you´s
Words alone could never say."

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I feel privileged to have had Dr. Brenes work on my case

"To whom it may concern,

During the past eighteen months I have been treated at L.L.U.S.D. by Dr. E Brenes. From the beginning of the treatment, I knew I had been truly fortunate to have been assigned a caring, considerate and compassionate man. He has always kept me fully updated and taken great lengths to make sure I completely understand and agree with the treatment plan. Initially I thought the dental school would be overwhelming and impersonal but Dr. Brenes made the experience the exact opposite. He is approachable and makes himself readily available even for the smallest of questions or concerns, and yet maintains the utmost professionalism.

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Julia Smeirat

Thank you for giving me my smile back!

"Dr. Brenes,
I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to you and your entire team for the care provided over the past week.

From the warm friendly greeting from Raquel Rodríguez each morning when we arrived, to the cheerful attitude of Maria Cavajal, the staff made Melody and I feel welcomed on each visit.

Both you and your assisting dentist demonstrated a very caring and compassionate attitude, making sure that I was as comfortable as possible through each of the procedures."

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Ron Jones

I never had a dentist that followed up after a procedure the way Dr. Brenes does

"A bit of background. After years of neglect, I finally decided to do something about my teeth earlier this year. I visited 2 dentists in the Washington DC area; the costs for implants were staggering to say the least. The costs pretty much ruled out implants and left me with the option of dentures. After a bit of research, it seemed that going to Costa Rica might offer an alternative - affordable implants.

I brought the topic up with my wife (who by the way used to be a nurse). Her first response was that I must have lost my mind even considering going out of the country! However, after discussing the U.S. options, she agreed that we should at least investigate Costa Rica more."

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Ron Jones