Where to begin? At the preliminary stage where you first contact us, we will need as much information as possible from your behalf to be able to come up with an estimate for you.

Have you been to your local dentist and already have a treatment plan?

If you have already visited a local dentist and have any of the following: x-rays, pictures, treatment plan and/or any other information you may share with us, please do so when our Patient Coordinator gets in touch with you.

We will also ask for information during the initial phone call we will have with you. This is our everyday procedure as we follow American standards that verify our Patient’s safety and well being. Therefore, we will ask you a couple of questions about your health, daily habits, concerns, and will just need you to provide us with more background information in regards to your dental health.

For all of our Patients, estimates are designed based on their specific needs. No 2 treatment plans will be the same. This is why we need information from you to get started. We need to get to know you better so that we may help you better!

All of our patients’ cases and treatment plans are personally revised by our Director, Dr. Brenes.

Want to improve your smile but don´t have any x-rays, pictures, treatment plan or general idea just yet? No problem!

Give us a call or send us an email telling us how we can help you. Our Patient Coordinator will gladly call you back to get to know a little bit more about you; and therefor provide you with a treatment plan that better meets your needs.

If you don´t have Xrays or pictures right now, you can start by taking some pictures yourself. It´s pretty easy! You can even take them with your camera phone, selfies would do just fine!

Below you will find an example of what we need you to send us:




Please keep in mind that these estimates are always tentative, and they are always subject to change after the initial evaluation, as nothing beats sitting down for a conversation and an oral examination with our patients. They should however, provide you with a pretty accurate idea of what the overall investment would be.