Our Costa Rica Dental Team

Established in 2007, Advance Dental Costa Rica, opened its doors when its founder, Dr. Eugenio Brenes returned from California, where he had just finished his residency in oral restorations and dental aesthetics. He is certified as a Specialist both in the US and in Costa Rica.

We are located within JCI approved CIMA Hospital, where Dr. Brenes is also the Head of Dental Surgery and Dental Emergencies.

Our highly qualified and caring team of Specialists (all dental specialties are available at Advance Dental), along with all of our dental assistants and staff, will thrive to provide you with the best dental experience of your life.

At Advance Dental Costa Rica, education and academic preparation are important, and so are external certifications, sterilization and safety protocols. However, you will see that everyone in our team is committed to make you feel comfortable and to answering all of your questions, all while providing successful and predictable dental solutions.

This is why we are certified and approved by international organizations, that verify that our clinic has the same sterilization standards, emergency handling protocols, staff training and facility design as any dental clinic in the United States of America. Thus, we can guarantee you will be receiving the highest level of personal safety and dental care.

Dr Eugenio Brenes - Director at Advance Dental Costa Rica

Dr. Eugenio J. Brenes

Clinical Director and Prosthodontist at Advance Dental Costa Rica

Head of Dental Surgery at CIMA Hospital

  • Education

    • Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry – July 2004-July 2007
    • Residency in Advanced Prosthodontics, Loma Linda, California, USA
    • Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry – September 2003-June 2004
    • Preceptorship in Advanced Prosthodontics, and Dental Implants, Loma Linda, California, USA
    • Universidad Internacional de las Americas – January 1999 – May 2003 Doctor in Dental Surgery
    • Master in Business Administration, INCAE Business School – July 2010 – November 2011

  • Publications

    • Got a Passport, Get a Smile Medical Tourism Magazine, December 2007
    • Brenes, E.J: Elaboración de Prótesis Totales: Presentación de Caso Clínico, Revista Científica Odontológica, Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas, Año 1, Vol 1 Pag. 21-21
    • Abstracts for the American Equilibration Society: Newsletter 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004

  • Lectures

    • Costa Rica Academy of Endodontics, Success of Prosthodontic Procedures, Tintos y Blancos, Multiplaza Escazu, June 24, 2010
    • Implant Overdentures, Principles and Techniques (Hands-on), Feb 9, 2007, Loma Linda University Coleman Pavilion, Wong Kerlee Internacional Conference Center

  • Teaching Experience

    • Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnologia, Ulacit, Co-Director of the post grad lectures on Modern Prosthodontic Techniques, 2009-2010
    • Faculty of the Dental Restorative Department, Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry 2004-2007

  • Memberships and Affiliations

    • Member Academia Costarricence de Prostodoncia
    • Member of the American Dental Association
    • Members of the American College of Prosthodontics
    • Member of the Loma Linda University Alumnus Association
    • Member of Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas de Costa Rica

  • Languages

    Fluent in English and Spanish

Pediatric Dentist Dr Melissa Rojas Zuñiga

Dr. Melissa Rojas Zúñiga

Pediatric Dentist at Advance Dental Costa Rica

  • About

    Dr. Melissa Rojas is a Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry and Maxillary Orthopedics. She made her residency at the National University of Colombia and is currently in charge of caring for children of all ages and adolescents at Advance Dental Costa Rica. She completed a 2-year residency at the National University of Colombia, specifically at the Hospital de La Misericordia (HOMI), with emphasis on systemically compromised and disabled children, with an internship for children with cleft palate in Germany and Switzerland. Dr. Rojas is a member of the Colombian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Orthodontist Dr Sara Gómez

Dr. Sara Gómez

Orthodontist at Advance Dental Costa Rica

  • About

    After receiving her degree as general dentist in 2011 and working in a private practice dedicated to general dentistry until 2013, Dra Gómez iniciated and completed her training as an specialist in Orthodontics in Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá).

    In 2016, she returns to Costa Rica in 2016 and starts as the specialist in Orthodontics at Advance Dental Costa Rica. Among other affiliations Dra Gómez collaborates as a clinical teacher at the dental school of the University of Costa Rica.

    Dra. Gómez is updated in the different current Orthodontic treatment techniques:

    Aesthetic orthodontics with porcelain brackets and sapphire crystal.
    Invisible orthodontics: Invisalign and Lingual Orthodontics.
    Orthodontics with conventional metal brackets and self-ligating.

    Dra Gomez is trained in: early treatment (functional orthopedics), corrective Orthodontics and pre-surgical orthodontics (surgical patients requiring orthognathic surgery).

Endodontist Dr. Samir Tiapa

Dr. Samir Tiapa

Endodontist at Advance Dental Costa Rica

  • About

    Doctor Samir Tiapa graduated from the Universidad Central of Venezuela as a general dentist in 2006. From the beginning of his private practice he focused on the management of dental pain leading him to perform post-graduate studies in the area of ​​Endodontics (Roots Canals) in the same university during a 2-year residency, obtaining the title of specialist in 2010. Dr. Tiapa is recognized as a specialist not only by the dental organizations of his country but is also accredited as a specialist in Endodontics by the College of Surgeons dentists of Costa Rica. Currently, he performs endodontics in Advance Dental with state-of-the-art equipment allowing more precise treatments in the control of pain and infection of dental origin.

    December 2016: Doctor in Dental Surgery, Universidad de Costa Rica
    Octubre 2015: Senior Management Specialist, Universidad Latina de Panamá
    January 2010: Endodontics Specialist, Universidad Central de Venezuela.
    Thesis: Pharmacology and Therapeutics in Endodontics. Available in Spanish at: http://saber.ucv.ve
    October 2006: Doctor in Dental Surgery, Universidad Central de Venezuela.

Periodontist Dr. Rossie Brender

Dr. Rossie Brender

Periodontist at Advance Dental Costa Rica

  • About

    After completing her Doctor in Dental Science degree, Dr. Brender trained for other 3 years in a residency program at Northwestern University Dental School, Chicago, Illinois, where she received her Certificate as a Specialist in Periodontics, as well as her Master of Science degree.

    With 18 years of experience in teaching and private practice restricted to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases, Dr. Brender is also a member of the Comission for the National Plan on Oral Health at the Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas de Costa Rica and an International Member of the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP).

General Dentistry - Dr. María José Bustamante

Dr. María José Bustamante

General Dentistry

  • About

    More than 15 years experience in private practice.

    Dr. María José Bustamante graduated from the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica and is a member of Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas de Costa Rica.

    Our General Dentist works side by side with our Specialists to provide the best results to our patients. The best description of her skills is interdisciplinary work, which includes the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of dental conditions, that require her extensive knowledge of full mouth rehabilitation plans that involve crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, composite restorations and more.

Dr. Marcela Zamora - Orofacial Pain, ATM Dysfunction and Sleep Apnea

Dr. Marcela Zamora

Orofacial Pain, ATM Dysfunction and Sleep Apnea

  • About

    In 2004 she graduated from the Universidad Latina in Costa Rica as a Dental Surgeon, and since then has remained in private practice.

    In 2016 she trained in University of California in Los Angelas, California (UCLA) where she got her degree as a Specialist in Orofacial Pain and Dysfunction. This specialty focuses on treating patients with facial pain, including headaches, earaches, trigeminal problems, and temporomandibular joint problems. In addition, Dr. Zamora provides treatment options for sleep disorders and sleep apnea.

    She remains up to date in current orofacial pain and disfunction treatments.

    2016 – 10Th Annual UCLA Sleep CME course: Sleep Medicine Updates

    2017 – AAOP 41 Annual Scientific Meeting, Arizona

    2017 – 10th annual HCOP Winter Conference Headache Cooperative of the Pacific

    2018 – AAOP 42nd Annual Scientific Meeting, Chicago Illinois

Patient Coordinator - Andrea Acosta

Andrea Acosta

Patient Coordinator

  • About

    Graduated from the University of Costa Rica with an MBA, her job is to watch over all of our patients, by assisting them and their families before, during and after their trip with consultations, treatment plans, estimates and travel arrangements.