In this short article we are going to talk about our Costa Rica teeth cleaning procedures and dental evaluations.

Teeth Cleaning and Dental Evaluations

Dental Evaluations

The dental evaluation is the first appointment and one of the most important ones, since it is where your treatment plan is confirmed. It begins by having the Patient sit down with our Doctors, so that they may learn about your goals, expectations and needs. Be sure to tell them what you are looking for, as, at this preliminary stage, the most information our Doctors have from you, the better.

In addition to a comprehensive oral exam, during this appointment, x-rays and pictures are taken, and both the Patient and our Specialist, work together on a smile design.
We want you to feel comfortable and to understand all the steps that will be necessary to achieve your dream smile.

A strong belief here at Advance Dental Costa Rica is that the best dentistry is no dentistry at all! Therefore, you will see that our Doctors will recommend exactly what you need: nothing more and nothing less. If there are different options to address a dental concern, they will present these to you and will explain the advantages and limitations for each one. So that, together, both the Patient and the Doctor may choose the best course of action.

You will be able to tell from Day 1 – at the Evaluation – how committed our entire staff is to helping you have a clear understanding from the beginning of the procedures, how many appointments will be needed and what to expect from the complete process.

If you are looking into having dental work done, you can get started by scheduling your evaluation first.

Teeth Cleaning

At Advance Dental Costa Rica, dental / teeth cleanings, or as we like to call them “Advanced Prophylaxis” are a painless procedure that can be completed in 1 hour or less.

We use the latest technology that detaches all plaque from the tooth, therefor all bacteria is removed from the enamel. This procedure is followed by a polishing process to ensure that the dental enamel is brightened.

This procedure is ideal if what you are looking for is to remove stains caused by food and beverages. It is recommended that you have one full dental cleaning procedure done every 6 months.

Info you have any questions about our Costa Rica teeth cleaning procedures and/or our dental evaluations feel free to contact us – Here –.

Before and After Photos

Teeth Cleaning Costa Rica Before After

Teeth Cleaning Costa Rica Before After