In this short article we are going to talk about our quality and affordable Costa Rica root canal procedure. A root canal is a type of Endodontic treatment, where the inside of the tooth is treated for inflammation or infection. This can have a variety of causes that range from deep decay to a cracked tooth. If it is not treated it can lead to pain or to an abscess.

When the vitality of a tooth is compromised, or its nerve has been damaged, a root canal treatment is in order. The affected nerve is then replace by an restorative material and, depending on the amount of the remaining dental structure, it is restored with a resin, veneer, incrustation, crown or bridge in order to provide a more aesthetically pleasing look to the mouth.

Costa Rica Root Canal Procedure

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Why is it required to do a root canal treatment?

 The purpose of root canal treatment is to prevent or cure the infection that forms inside the tooth and that can affect the tissues surrounding it. This is achieved by eliminating the dental pulp, popularly called the nerve, and the remaining empty space is filled with special materials. Most nerve treatments are performed in one single session.

The nerve treatment may be required due to the presence of a very large caries that has infected the dental pulp, for a trauma that has caused a severe damage to the dental pulp or for prosthetic reasons which will determine the restorative dentist during the planning phase.

The root canal treatment is performed by a specialist in Endodontics, which is trained in post-graduate studies of 2 or 3 years for the management of pain and dental infection.

How do I know if I should see a specialist in Endodontics for a review?

Clinical signs that may suggest that you require a root canal treatment.

  1. Inflammation of the gum associated with a tooth.
  2. Inflammation of the face (Flare up)
  3. Spontaneous pain (especially at night), which manifests as beats or needles sensation.
  4. Pain when biting soft foods.
  5. Pain caused by temperature changes that do not subside after removing cold or hot food.
  6. Sinusitis not controlled by the otorhinolaryngologist.
  7. Earache without explanation by the otorhinolaryngologist.
  8. Presence of a point of pus in the gum associated with a tooth (sinus track)
  9. Changes in the coloring of a tooth (black or brown).

Endodontics Service in Advance Dental

We at Advance Dental know that you as a patient may have anxiety or fear knowing that you may need a root canal, for this reason, we have focused on creating an ideal environment that transmits safety, professionalism and peace of mind when making any procedure in the area of ​​Endodontics.

Our Endodontics Specialist has all the knowledge and empathy necessary to provide a comfortable experience thanks to an adequate pain management during the procedure.

What technology does Advance Dental have in Endodontics?

At Advance Dental we have the most advanced technology to perform root canal treatments in Costa Rica.

The operating / surgical microscope allows to observe details inside the tooth that usually escape from the human eye, being able to detect infected portions or repair damaged areas with greater precision, thus reducing failure.

Ultrasound necessary to wear the tooth more accurately, avoiding unnecessary destruction. Also used to remove bacteria inside the tooth and organic matter in decomposition pathways.

Digital radiographs with an exceptional image quality to improve the diagnostic capacity and electronic file for future searches of control and monitoring of all cases. They are also an efficient illustrative means to show the patient the condition of their tooth and explain the possible procedure to be performed.

Mechanized instrumentation and 3D sealing system which decreases working time.

Additionally, being inside the Hospital Cima facilities, we have diagnostic imaging centers that provide volumetric tomography services for the analysis of more complex cases.

In this way, Advance Dental significantly improves the success of its patients, uniting knowledge and technology.

Doubts Before the Root Canal Procedure Consultation

If you suspect you have a need for a root canal treatment or a certified dentist has indicated the need to perform one, in this section we will explain everything you should know before the endodontic consultation in Advance Dental.

  1. You can have a normal lifestyle, eat what you usually eat or do the activities you usually do. There are no contraindications of meals before the consultation, even eating well before endodontic therapy can be beneficial.
  2. Never suspend your medications, in case you have them. If there is any doubt with your medication, our specialist will contact your treating doctor. Remember to always carry the correct names of your medications.
  3. If there is the possibility of avoiding taking antibiotics or analgesics before the consultation, please do so. The drugs disguise the pain and make the diagnosis a little more complex.
  4. The endodontic consultation can take at least 2 hours, so the planning of your agenda must be taken into account.
  5. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, that is, it can handle and perform mental cognitive processes without problem.
  6. Avoid bringing very colorful clothes. Bleaches are used that can damage your clothes. White or light clothing would be ideal.

Doubts After the Endodontic Consultation

Our specialist will tell you everything you need to know and what to expect related to your case. You will leave the dental office with all the necessary information so you can be calm and there are no surprises.

Also, our specialist and staff will be accessible to you in case of any future eventuality.