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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Frances Yahia
Dr. Frances Yahia
Transparency, quality and professionalism! Dr. Brenes is an artist. The staff is wonderful. Definitely the place to come for quality dental work.
Noel Gauntlett
Noel Gauntlett
These guys deserve 6 stars! Dr Brenes and his team do outstanding work. I spent over a week in Costa Rica and had 3 crowns installed and two implants placed while I was there. Can't say enough how pleased I am with the results. Highly recommend!
Daryl Carrington
Daryl Carrington
My wife and I both had considerable dental work done by this office. Their professional expertise and competence far exceeded our expectations. In-house experts in different dental disciplines could detect and immediately address new conditions. It is a top notch operation with excellent and caring staff and a group of dental experts who are capable at diagnosis and treating complicated problems . We were very happy with the superior service and outcomes of their work.
Ben Gregg
Ben Gregg
Amazing experience! Really grateful and impressed by the excellent high-quality care that I received at Advance Dental. Dr. Eugenio Brenes is a true professional: highly trained, talented, patient, and a genuinely caring human being. He really took the time to make sure that I understood our options every step of the way (even going so far as to sketch out what he was talking about on paper just to make extra sure that I understood what he was saying--even though he speaks fluent English). Yet I also felt respected and free to choose which way I wanted to go based on the various options that he presented. By way of background: I'm from Boston, Massachusetts in the US, and the Periodontist that I had been referred to by my local dentist had recommended extracting 3 of my front teeth and replacing them with implants. I was inclined to go with it, but after hearing about Advance Dental Costa Rica and contacting them, they responded that based on my X-Rays, they were confident that they could actually save my teeth--and they did! I'm so grateful I took the leap of faith and made the trip--it was totally worth it. In addition to Dr. Brenes, everyone else I interacted with at Advance Dental, from Andrea "Andy" Acosta (with whom I corresponded before, during and after my visit and who also scheduled all of my procedures) to Dra. Mónica Fabian (Dental Therapist who was there to greet me every day), Dr. Samir Tiapa (the amazing Endodontist who did my root canals) and Dra. Rossie Brender (the Periodontist who helped cut open and then stitch back the roof of my mouth and gums--with sutures that were so fine I could barely feel them), as well as their assistants--everyone was genuinely warm and professional (and that was despite everyone being in hazmat suits and masks due to COVID). I really felt like I was getting the best possible care, and had the utmost confidence that everything they did was fully-thought out to produce the best outcomes possible. I highly recommend this team, and in fact, am planning to return for even more work next fall (some crowns) as I can't imagine a better, more qualified team! Their office, equipment and procedures are all world-class (plus they have everything they need onsite). Also worth mentioning is that they all speak fluent English and their office is in San José's upscale neighborhood of Escazú, surrounded by high-end stores, restaurants and hotels (not to mention the Starbucks that I went to every day), so even coming from the United States, I felt right at home the entire time.
Jeff Lawrence
Jeff Lawrence
If you choose Advance Dental Costa Rica for your dental work, I'm sure you will be as pleased as I am. I recommend Dr Brenes without reservation My teeth have always been weak, and years of dental problems left me with a mouth that always bothered me. Cracked teeth and crowns gave me recurring infections and large dental bills every year. In 2018, needing four new crowns and two new implants, I decided to try Advanced Dental Costa Rica, based on Dr. Brenes' California residency in oral restoration and he impressed me from the start. He was knowledgeable, friendly and patient in answering all my questions. He pointed out that the issues I was having with my remaining teeth could be addressed by a full-mouth restoration. Since he inspired confidence, I chose that option. I'm writing this account for anyone considering Dr. Brenes for such a procedure. A full-mouth restoration is undeniably expensive, but costs far less in Costa Rica than in the US. In my case, dental fees, travel costs and accommodations totaled less than half what I'd have paid at home. Also, Costa Rica is a great place to visit, with its natural splendor, fascinating history and friendly people. I wish Dr Brenes had put his office closer to the beach but the lab days while waiting for the crowns to be made let me try surfing on my first visit and study Spanish on my second. Also, a full-mouth restoration entails many uncomfortable hours of prepping old teeth for crowns, but Dr Brenes and his staff made it as comfortable as possible. For me, the hardest part was getting used to the feel of the new teeth afterward. Dr. Brenes advised me correctly to give it time, and the discomfort went away after a couple of months as I got used to having functional teeth. Now, over a year later, I'm completely delighted. After decades of constant dental problems, my new teeth feel solid, work perfectly, and look great. I only think about them now when I happen to see them in a mirror – and smile! Jeff Lawrence Santa Fe, New Mexico
Irian Rocha
Irian Rocha
Excelencia en servicio, pero sobre todo, excelencia en profesionalismo y calor humano son las mejores definiciones para el personal en general de Advance Dental. Confiamos el todos ellos y sabemos qué cada tratamiento que recibimos, estamos en las mejores manos.
margarita amado
margarita amado
Hola! Hace una semana me realizaron extracción de dos cordales y estoy muy contenta con el resultado de este procedimiento. El trato y profesionalismo del personal es excelente. Estuvieron pendientes de mi avance en todo momento. Los recomiendo!
Steven Gross
Steven Gross
Dr Eugenio Brenes is OUTSTANDING! From the 1st appointment to the last, and I had many, (3 implants, adjusted bite and reshaping of my existing teeth), I received a level of professionalism, understanding, and care, that I have yet seen in the USA ,need I say much cheaper as well. The practice is situated in a very nice area, Escazú, in the beautiful CIMA Hospital Buildings, close to an outdoor Mall, Starbucks, Exclusive designer stores,restaurants,movie theatre. Thank you Dr Brenes I will be back for any future dental work, Kind Regards, Carol. OUTSTANDING - DENTAL SERVICE



These are artificial substitutes of the roots of natural teeth...

Porcelain Veneers

Give your teeth a new look with porcelain veneers...


When one or more teeth are lost, a bridge may be the recommended solution. ...

Dental Crowns

This type of restoration is used on teeth that show a significant loss of dental structure...

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

These are highly complex rehabilitations involving all or almost all the teeth...


These type of removable oral restorations are designed for persons...


After an accident, trauma, cavities or any other dental problems...

Teeth Whitening

Enjoy the look of a whiter, more radiant smile with a teeth-whitening treatment...

Oral Surgeries

There is a wide variety of surgical treatment designed for different puporses...

Inlays / Onlays

Remember that in order to qualify for porcelain inlays...

Root Canals

When the vitality of a tooth is compromised, or its nerve has been damaged...

Evaluations and Cleanings

Learn more about our pre-evaluation process and teeth cleaning procedures.

Learn why Advance Dental is your most trusted option in Costa Rica

Advance Dental Costa Rica is you number one choice when it comes to a Costa Rica Dental Care Clinic. It is managed by a US trained specialist and offers the same top quality procedures that are available at your local dentist, but with the difference that when done at our office they are affordable and more likely to become a reality.

Our Board of Certified Specialists

Our Director, Dr. Eugenio J. Brenes, D.D.S., M.S., did his training at Loma Linda University where we had the opportunity to learn from the best. His world-renowned training and compassionate personality makes him the most qualified option for getting your Costa Rica dental treatment. Dr. Brenes is considered by many one of the best dentists in Costa Rica.

Lower Procedures Costs

When scheduling your dental procedures with Advance Dental Costa Rica, you’ll notice that not only will you be receiving top quality service but you will also find that our dental procedures costs are much lower than what you can find in the United States or other countries. Compared to the US, Costa Rica dental costs are up to 50% less in some treatments, making us an affordable option for world class dental treatments.

We Have Experience Attending International Patients

Over the past years, there has been an increase in dental tourism in Costa Rica, and so has our office. Each year, more and more people are convinced that traveling abroad to get your dental procedure done is a great idea and the best option if you want to receive affordable dental care is getting done at Advance Dental Costa Rica. We have real patients that are willing to share their testimonials with you.

Teeth Whitening / Bleaching

Our teeth work like sponges, this means they will trap stains and may even accquire a different color after a long period of consuming food containing food coloring, sodas, coffee, among others. The good news is that the brightness of our teeth can be restored with an Advanced Prophylaxis; a procedure that is recommended you get done every 6 months so that you will have healthier teeth and gums. If you would like to change the color from within, then a Dental Whitening is the procedure for you!

Fillings / Composite Restorations

Composite restorations also known as dental fillings, are the go to procedure when it comes to finding a conservative and aesthetic option for teeth that have suffered cavities or small imperfections. Dr. Brenes is a specialist at using the techinque The Natural Layering Concept that will provide you with enhanced restorations and a natural look.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are our recommendation for people who are not pleased with the color, look, size, shape and/or length of their current teeth. When referring to veneers, we are talking about small porcelain restorations that cemented in a permanent way to your teeth.

Tooth Crown

Dental Crowns are used when a patient presents a tooth that requires a big modification. This Costa Rica dental procedure is ideal for when a cavity covers more than half of the tooth, or when it received a trauma that’s the same size of the tooth. They are commonly used when it is necessary to modify or restore the previous shape of a tooth.


Are you missing a tooth and need it replaced? Then a dental bridge is one of the best solutions out there for you. It is used when a tooth is missing and when you have 2 or more teeth next to the empty space that is going to get restored. You would need to come in for 4 appointments to get your Costa Rica dental bridge.


Last but not least, we have the dental implants. They are you treatment of choice for when one or more teeth need to be replaced, it doesn’t matter how they were lost. The treatment consists of two phases: the surgical one and the restoration; which means you would need to make two trips to our office in Costa Rica. This is our most sought after Costa Rica dental procedure.

Instagram Recent Posts

Somos una clínica totalmente digital 🖥✨ enfocada en mejorar la experiencia 🫶 de nuestros pacientes.

🔷Tecnología de punta permite
realizar tratamientos más rápidos y predecibles.
También nos permite ofrecer mejores diagnósticos
para solucionar sus problemas dentales.

🔷Nuestra ubicación entre Avenida Escazú
y el Hospital CIMA ofrece a nuestros pacientes,
un lugar apto para la atención
de sus tratamientos y emergencias dentales;
así como amplias áreas comerciales y recreativas,
ideales si viene acompañado o
para disfrutar después de su cita.

¿No está contento con su sonrisa?

¡Contáctenos para comenzar 🎉😁 el 2023 sin dolor y sonriendo!

📲7059-4083 (WhatsApp)

☎️ 4002-4567
📍Hospital CIMA, Torre 2 (Avenida Médica)
Piso 6, Consultorio 605

#odontologiadigital #solucionesdentales #advancedentalcostarica #costarica

Siempre es lindo conocer gente interesada en nuestras solciones dentales en cada evento que participamos 💙🦷🙌🏻🥳

Always a pleasure to meet so many new people interested in our dental solutions ✨🫶🏻💙😃

📲7059-4083 (Whats App)
📍Hospital CIMA, Torre 2, Consultorio 605

El Dr. Brenes y la Dra. González en acción ✨

En Advance Dental le ofrecemos una experiencia dental personalizada.

¡Imagine venir al dentista sin dolor y sin miedo!

Aquí lo hacemos realidad 👇🏻

📲7059-4083 (Whats App)
📍Hospital CIMA, Torre 2, Consultorio 605

¡Imagínese venir al dentista sin miedo y sin dolor! 🙅🏼‍♀️😵‍💫🙅🏻‍♂️😅🙌🏻

Sabemos que son muchos los pacientes
que posponen sus tratamientos dentales
por miedo y ansiedad 🫢😰

En Advance Dental hemos estudiado estos temores
y los hemos controlado con el fin de ofrecer
una experiencia cómoda a nuestros pacientes.


Nada de esperar ansiosamente
en la sala de espera.

Nos organizamos de manera que
nuestros pacientes sean atendidos
a la hora que fueron citados.


Hemos invertido en taladros eléctricos
cuyo sonido es un 60-70% menos
que taladros tradicionales.


Uno de los mayores temores
es la aguja de la anestesia.

En Advance Dental tenemos THE WAND 🪄

Un sistema de colocación de anestesia
guiado por una computadora
que NO usa jeringas 👏🏻


¡Nos esforzamos para que todo sea impecable!

▫️Ambiente agradable e higiénico
▫️Equipo y Tecnología
▫️Privacidad para pacientes
▫️Aires Acondicionados
▫️TVs en cada cubículo

¿No está contento con su sonrisa?
¡Contáctenos! 📲7059-4083 (WhatsApp)

☎️ 4002-4567
📍Hospital CIMA, Torre 2 (Avenida Médica)
Piso 6, Consultorio 605

¿Te despertás con una sensación de dolor en la mandíbula 🫢🤕, o en la cabeza?

Puede ser que estés “rechinando” los dientes en la noche 🌙😴 y aún no te has dado cuenta 😲🫣

La fuerza que aplicamos a los dientes
no solo puede causarnos dolor
sino que también puede tener un efecto
de desgaste en nuestros dientes;
el cual puede causar mayores
complicaciones dentales y de salud.

¿Por qué rechinamos los dientes?

Una de las causas más comunes
👉🏻 el estrés 😵‍💫😱

¿La solución?
Además de valorar cómo bajar el nivel de estrés
que manejamos y aprender a controlarlo :

✨Una dual✨

Una férula dental hecha a la medida para cada paciente.

Diseñada con tecnología digital y en 3D,
la usás cada noche para dormir
y el primer día vas a notar la diferencia.

Aunque parezca incómodo >
se convertirá en tu mejor amiga 😅

📲7059-4083 (Whats App)
📍Hospital CIMA, Torre 2, Consultorio 605

#advancedentalcostarica #costarica

“Ocupo un tratamiento de conducto (de nervio)” 👉🏻 “¿Y ahora que hago?

Le recomendamos “hacer la tarea” y preguntar 👇🏻

🔶 ¿Quién le va a realizar su tratamiento?
🔷Busque un Especialista en Endodoncia

🔶 ¿Cómo se va a realizar el procedimiento?
🔷 Busque a una Especialista que lo trate con microscopio 🔬

🔶 ¿Adonde?
🔷 Busque un lugar que cuente con
los requerimientos de espacio, higiene e iluminación
que le garanticen que el Especialista
puede hacer su trabajo como se debe
y así darle la solución que
Usted se merece.

Como indica el Dr. Samir Tiapa,
Endodoncista de Advance Dental,
“No se puede tratar
lo que no se puede ver”

📲7059-4083 (Whats App)
📍Hospital CIMA, Torre 2, Consultorio 605

#advancedentalcostarica #costarica

⚡️Todo el Equipo en un solo Lugar⚡️

En el 2017 inauguramos 🙌🏻 la Clínica
adonde nos encontramos hoy en día.

Podemos atender 5 pacientes a la vez;
en cubículos completamente independientes.

Nuestro equipo se consolida.
Se incorporan a Advance:

▫️El Dr. Samir Tiapa, Endodoncista
▫️La Dra. Melissa Rojas, Odontopediatra

Tenemos a todos los Especialistas
👉🏻 en 1 solo lugar.

Resolvemos ✨cualquier✨ problema dental
sin que el paciente tenga que desplazarse.

Todos los Especialistas trabajan
como un Equipo Multidisciplinario.

Esto significa > más ojos 👀
analizando su sonrisa 😃

15 Años conformando este gran Equipo
que trabaja día a día para ofrecerle
soluciones dentales predecibles y exitosas.

¡Nos encanta esta gran familia 🫶🏻
que tenemos en Advance!

¿No está contento con su sonrisa?


📲7059-4083 (Whats App)
📍Hospital CIMA, Torre 2, Consultorio 605

#advancedentalcostarica #costarica

“Para ver dentro del diente necesitamos un equipo especial para analizar su anatomía y ver qué problemas puede tener por dentro.”
-Dr. Samir Tiapa

El microscopio 🔬 permite magnificar el diente
y explorar dentro de su cavidad anatómica.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ El resultado:
Tratamientos más precisos y conservadores.

¿Necesita un tratamiento de nervio?

¡Contáctenos! 📲7059-4083 (WhatsApp)

☎️ 4002-4567
📍Hospital CIMA, Torre 2 (Avenida Médica)
Piso 6, Consultorio 605

@samirtiapa_endo #dolordental #endodoncia #solucionesdentales #advancedentalcostarica #costarica #tratamientodenervio

Nuestro Equipo que Crece✨👨🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏼‍⚕️

El Segundo Capítulo de Nuestra Historia
nos lleva al año 2010 cuando
se estrena el segundo consultorio
de Advance Dental.

🙌🏻Pasamos de poder ver 1 paciente a la vez,
a poder atender a 3 personas
en 3 cubículos independientes.

Inicia nuestro equipo a consolidarse
y se incorporan:

🔹La Dra. Rossie Brender, Periodoncista
🔹 La Dra. María José Bustamante, Odontóloga General
🔹La Dra. Sara Gómez, Ortodoncista
🔹Andrea Acosta, Coordinadora de Pacientes Internacionales

¡Sin duda alguna, un sueño cumplido comenzar a ver que nuestro Equipo toma forma! 🫶🏻

@rossiebrender @mariajosebustamanteg @dra.saragomez @eugeniobrenes
#advancedentalcostarica #costarica #dentistaencostarica #costaricandentist

Modelos en 3D en tiempo real 🙌🏻🔝

🖥 Odontología Digital que ofrece a nuestros pacientes:
mayor precisión, comodidad e información
al realizar valoraciones y procedimientos.

En este video: escaneamos con el ITERO
para diseñar una férula y
finalizarla en la impresora en 3D.

(No más impresiones 😀 ni moldes incómodos 🫢)

📲7059-4083 (Whats App)
📍Hospital CIMA, Torre 2, Consultorio 605

#advancedentalcostarica #costarica #odontologiadigital #scannerdigital #itero #iteroscanner

Esta es nuestra historia ✨🙌🏻💙

Advance Dental celebra 15 Años

💬 ¿Sabías que siempre hemos
estado ubicados en el Hospital CIMA?

El Dr. Eugenio Brenes inaugura en el 2007
el primer consultorio de Advance
al regresar de su posgrado en California.

Te invitamos a ver el Primer Capítulo
de nuestra trayectoria;
y a conocer más de adonde venimos
y hacia adonde vamos ✨

📲7059-4083 (Whats App)
📍Hospital CIMA, Torre 2, Consultorio 605

#costarica #costarica🇨🇷 #advancedentalcostarica #dentistaencostarica #costaricandentist #dentistcostarica #coronasdentales #limpiezadental #implantesdentales #implantesdentalescostarica #costaricadentalimplants

Restauraciones dentales, implantes, carillas, coronas, rehabilitaciones de full mouth 👉 la especialidad del Dr. Brenes cuando está en #advancedentalcostarica 😄😁

Carros, pasar tiempo en familia, hacer BBQ, carros de nuevo 😅 es adonde lo encontramos en su tiempo libre.

¡Y además hoy está de cumpleaños! 🥳 Ayúdenos a desearle feliz día al Dr. Brenes, nuestro Director y Fundador 👇

☎️ 4002-4567
📍Hospital CIMA, Torre 2 (Avenida Médica), Piso 6, Consultorio 605

#puentesdentales #coronasdezirconio #odontologiadigital #blanqueamientodental #implantedental #limpiezadental #solucionesdentales #carillasdeporcelana #coronasdentales #costarica

¿Por dónde comenzar? 👇

Si nos contacta desde Costa Rica 🇨🇷,
para programar una valoración inicial:

Puede escribirnos al WhatsApp 📲7059-4083
O bien llamarnos por teléfono ☎️ 4002-4567

Si nos contacta desde Estados Unidos 🇺🇸, Canadá 🇨🇦 u otro destino internacional 🌎,
puede contactar a nuestra Coordinadora
de Pacientes Internacionales - Andrea :

US: ☎️ +1 (831) 250-8105

Una vez que nos conteste algunas preguntas, podremos ofrecerle un plan de tratamiento preliminar para tomar la decisión de viajar a Costa Rica para su tratamiento dental.

📍Hospital CIMA, Torre 2 (Avenida Médica), Piso 6, Consultorio 605

#solucionesdentales #costarica #advancedentalcostarica

¿Tus dientes se sienten sensibles cuando disfrutás de comidas frías? 😬🍨🍧🍦

Visítanos para poder ayudarte

¡Contáctanos! 📲7059-4083 (WhatsApp)

☎️ 4002-4567
📍Hospital CIMA, Torre 2 (Avenida Médica), Piso 6, Consultorio 605

#dolordental #solucionesdentales #costarica

Utilizados en ocasiones donde se ha perdido alguna pieza dental y se necesita restaurar.

Al NO implicar un componente quirúrgico,
puede ser una solución ✔️ para personas
que estén medicamente comprometidas y
no puedan realizarse cirugías
(como en el caso de implantes dentales).

Ejemplos: pacientes con reciente quimio o radio terapia,
pacientes con sistemas inmunes 🩸 comprometidos,
fumadores 🚬, pacientes con diabetes
o hipertensión arterial no controladas 💊

¿Necesita un diente y no quiere/puede someterse a cirugía de un implante dental?

¡Contáctenos! 📲7059-4083 (WhatsApp)

☎️ 4002-4567
📍Hospital CIMA, Torre 2 (Avenida Médica), Piso 6, Consultorio 605

#solucionesdentales #costarica #puentesdentales

La salud y la estética deben de ir de la mano.

No se trata únicamente de crear una sonrisa linda. De parte nuestra, es aprovechar distintas
restauraciones dentales, en este caso
un "full mouth" de #coronasdentales
para transformarlas en una sonrisa limpia, saludable y funcional.

¿No está contento con su sonrisa?

¡Contáctenos! 📲7059-4083 (WhatsApp)

☎️ 4002-4567
📍Hospital CIMA, Torre 2 (Avenida Médica), Piso 6, Consultorio 605

#coronasdezirconio #solucionesdentales #coronasdentales #costarica

Algunos consejos que va a querer recordar:

✔️Visiten un Odontopediatra,
un Especialista que sabe como trabajar con niños

✔️ Empezar temprano - así se crea un hábito.
La primera visita puede ser desde los 6 meses de edad

✔️Hablar previamente en casa de la importancia
de cuidar los dientes y la salud oral

✔️Predicar con el ejemplo.
Mantener la calma y evitar hacer
comentarios negativos de experiencias ajenas.

✔️Traer su juguete favorito a la cita.

¿Es hora de planear la visita de sus hijos al dentista?

¡Contáctenos! 📲7059-4083 (WhatsApp)

☎️ 4002-4567
📍Hospital CIMA, Torre 2 (Avenida Médica), Piso 6, Consultorio 605

#odontopediatria #solucionesdentales #costarica

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