To whom it may concern,

During the past eighteen months I have been treated at L.L.U.S.D. by Dr. E Brenes. From the beginning of the treatment, I knew I had been truly fortunate to have been assigned a caring, considerate and compassionate man. He has always kept me fully updated and taken great lengths to make sure I completely understand and agree with the treatment plan. Initially I thought the dental school would be overwhelming and impersonal but Dr. Brenes made the experience the exact opposite. He is approachable and makes himself readily available even for the smallest of questions or concerns, and yet maintains the utmost professionalism.

I have always had a phobia of going to the dentist but Dr. Brenes changed that. He is patient and makes sure all procedures are painless. His skills, enthusiasm and calm, reassuring manner have all contributed to enjoyable visits. He is a very special individual and has a unique way of putting me at ease, knowing he will always strive to achieve the highest possible results for me. He has accomplished more than I could possibly have hoped for and I feel privileged to have had Dr. Brenes work on my case. I wish him success as he moves on his professional life.

Yours faithful,

Julia Smeirat