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Are you dreaming of soaking up some sun on an exotic beach? Are you stuck spending that vacation money on necessary dental work instead?

What if you could have the best of both worlds? What if you go somewhere for affordable, high-quality dental work–and then spend time lounging on the beach?

With dental holidays, also known as dental tourism, you can have just that.

But what exactly is dental tourism? What procedures can you have done? And what are the most popular (and safest) countries to go to?

In this post, we’ll outline everything you need to know about dental holidays. Read on!

What Are Dental Holidays?

The idea of combining a root canal with a vacation may sound strange at first, but let’s consider why someone would do it.

For starters, in 2016 there were 74 million Americans without dental insurance. Let’s say one of these persons needs to have a root canal and a crown on one of their back molars.

Prices vary by region, but the average cost for these procedures range from $1,200 up to $5,000. Even for those with dental insurance, their coverage may only pay for a fraction of these costs.

So what do you do if you need the dental work done, but you don’t have that kind of cash lying around?

This is where dental holidays come in. It’s often possible to travel to a different country, get the needed procedure done, and make a little vacation out of it for less than you’d pay at home.

Of course, just like you would at home, you want to ensure the dentist you choose has the proper education, equipment, and licensing. In many cases, such dentists have received their training overseas, ensuring high-quality work that’s on par with international standards.

What Procedures Can I Have Done?

So, now that you understand what dental holidays are, let’s discuss some common procedures people seek out.

Of course, you probably wouldn’t get on a plane and fly around the world for a basic dental cleaning. The majority of patients traveling for dental tourism do so for more complex procedures, including:

  • Dental fillings
  • Teeth whitening or bleaching
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Dental bridges
  • Dental crowns
  • Dentures
  • Inlays & onlays
  • Oral surgery
  • Root canals
  • Full mouth restoration

Whatever dental work you need done, you can find a dentist overseas who’s skilled at the procedure.

Best of all, he or she can do the work for a fraction of the cost you’d pay back home. In most cases, procedures cost 40%-60% less than the average prices in the US.

What Are Popular Destinations for Dental Holidays?

Americans living in states like Texas, Arizona, and California have long been hopping the border into Mexico for dental treatments.

It’s hard to argue the location or the convenience factor. But with soaring crime rates and multiple government warnings against travel, it may not be the safest country to visit right now for dental work.

In Europe, Hungary boasts more dentists (per capita) than any other country on earth. Although it’s easy to reach for Europeans, Americans or Canadians may not be able to justify the long flight required to reach it.

The same goes for Thailand, which is the hub for dental tourism in Asia. Although prices are some of the lowest in the world, it’s prohibitively far for most travelers to go.

So what option remains? Well, many informed travelers are choosing Costa Rica for their dental holidays.

What makes Costa Rica the best choice? Read on to find out.

Why Choose Costa Rica?

For starters, Costa Rica was recently ranked as the world’s most satisfying place to live. Even though you’re only visiting, you’re sure to be surrounded by some of happiest people on earth.

Another bonus is that, compared to other destinations, Costa Rica is very safe. Crime rates are among the lowest in Central America. And because of its location, it’s generally spared from natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

What about Costa Rica as a holiday destination? Truthfully, it’s hard to choose a more idyllic location. The country boasts a whopping 5% of the planet’s biodiversity, even though it only accounts for 0.03% of the world’s landmass.

During a holiday in Costa Rica, you can enjoy stunning white and black sand beaches and warm tropical waters. The rainforests are teeming with life, while the 67 volcanoes add to the country’s beauty and unique landscape.

In the popular San Jose province, you’ll find scores of activities to keep you entertained once your dental work is complete. Culture vultures can enjoy a performance at the breathtaking Teatro Nacional (National Theater) or a tour of the Museo de Arte Costarricense (Costa Rican Art Museum).

Rather spend time outdoors? Enjoy a whitewater rafting or a lazy tubing trip down the river, or grab your snorkeling gear and head to the coast. You can also go ziplining through the jungle or enjoy a food tour through the area’s local markets.

Not to be overlooked is the convenience factor, either. With short, affordable flights from Florida, Texas, and other destinations, you can be there in just a few hours.

Speaking of affordability, you’ll be surprised at how affordable it is once you land. Budget hotels start around $30/night, while buses can transfer you between towns for less than $5.

Of course, your primary reason to travel there is to get high-quality dental work done. At Advanced Dental Costa Rica, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

And don’t worry. We’ll make sure there’s enough time for you to enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer, too!

Final Thoughts on Dental Holidays

As you can see, the benefits of dental tourism are many, with very few (if any) drawbacks.

Here at Advanced Dental Costa Rica, our team of US-trained staff is equipped to provide you with the highest quality dental care.

Whatever type of work you need or want, we can provide it at a fraction of the price you’d pay at home.

We invite you to contact us for more information or to answer any questions you may have.

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