Cosmetic Dentistry

85% of people in the US say their oral health is important to them. However, the same source states that only 25% are actually satisfied with it! Furthermore, 42% of Americans don’t visit the dentist on an annual basis.

Those are some fairly shocking dental statistics. It’s no surprise that dental issues are a common problem in America.

For instance, 96% of Americans have tooth decay by the age of 65. That’s almost everyone with this significant oral hygiene issue!

Such dental problems are no laughing matter. Pain, discomfort, poor self-esteem, gum disease, and so on can all have a major negative effect. Sound familiar?

Cosmetic dentistry may be the solution you’re looking for.

Keep reading to discover how it can benefit you.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Let’s take a quick first look at what we mean by cosmetic dentistry.

Essentially, it’s a form of dentistry designed to improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. Through an array of procedures, cosmetic dentists aim to restore and prolong the health, appearance and overall function of your teeth.

In contrast to typical dentistry, it is entirely elective. People choose to visit a cosmetic dentist to facilitate positive oral health.

8 Reasons It Can Benefit You

You may never have considered going to a cosmetic dentist. The reasons below may change your mind! Here’s how it can help.

1. Whiten That Smile

Teeth whitening an incredibly common procedure.

Teeth will naturally lose their whiteness over time. They’ll darken, yellow and stain, usually against your wishes, as you age. Having them bleached is a way of counteracting the effect of time!

It’s most effective following a good clean. Have your dentist remove plaque and tartar from your teeth before the whitening process begins.

2. Improved Confidence

Poor oral hygiene can have a significant impact on your self-esteem.

Regardless of the issue, feeling self-conscious can limit your willingness to smile, and alter your confidence all-round. Visiting a cosmetic dentist is a sure-fire way to solve any dental issue you have. This restoration of your teeth can then restore your confidence in yourself.

Remember, smiling is good for you!

3. Get the Teeth of Your Dreams

Most of us have a problem or two with our teeth.

Gaps, cracks, and chips may abound. Teeth may be missing, crooked or misshapen. Whatever the issue, dental veneers are one method of getting the teeth you’ve always wanted.

These are immensely thin, ceramic/resin shells for your teeth, custom made to resemble your natural teeth. Once made, they’re fitted to your teeth using an adhesive. Any issues get effectively covered in the process.

Crowns do the same job. However, these are caps that fit over your problem teeth and support their strength and appearance.

4. Replace Lost Teeth

Have you ever lost a tooth?

It probably wasn’t fun. But the problems don’t stop there. You’re left with a gap in your mouth, which may be a cause of discomfort, or feeling self-conscious.

Equally, having a gap effects your overall bite as surrounding teeth move into space. Moreover, the exposed gum can be a hotbed for bacteria, which can lead to gum disease.

Cosmetic dentistry can solve these issues with ease using implants. They are titanium roots that are fitted into the bone. You then get a replacement tooth fitted into place.

5. Realign Crooked Teeth

Doesn’t everyone want straight teeth?

Unfortunately, crowding is a common form of dental issue that can lead to crookedness.

Thankfully, orthodontic procedures can do a lot to correct the problem. Braces may have had a bad reputation in the past. But these days they’re incredibly common. The technology and procedures have come a long way.

Invisible braces will go unnoticed, can be easily removed, and are able to successfully correct crookedness.

6. Limited Invasive Procedures

Don’t like the idea of going under the scalpel?

You don’t have to worry with cosmetic dentistry. Most procedures are minimally invasive. There’s usually very little fuss involved. For instance, a veneer can be fitted after removing just a little enamel.

Likewise, all work that requires something more extreme will be anesthetized. There will be no pain throughout proceedings to worry about!

7. There’s No Age Limit

It’s never too late to benefit from cosmetic dentistry.

Dental problems don’t correct themselves. You may have been struggling with the same issue for decades. Likewise, tooth problems can worsen over time. Having suffered for so long, why not finally treat yourself?!

There is rarely anything stopping you doing so. Almost all cosmetic dentistry procedures are available to everyone, regardless of age.

8. Improved Oral Health All Round

Tooth problems often get worse when left unfixed.

For instance, crooked teeth can lead to tooth decay. Gaps in your teeth can do the same. A missing tooth can cause movement and eventual gum disease. Pretending there isn’t an issue often exacerbates the situation!

Taking active steps to improve your teeth will help prevent additional issues developing. Following cosmetic dentistry, you’ll look great, feel great, and have a healthier mouth to boot.

Time to Go to the Dentist

There you have it: 8 reasons to consider cosmetic dentistry.

Oral health is a crucial part of our overall wellbeing. Accordingly, the vast majority of Americans say it’s important to them. However, in reality, most of us don’t maintain our oral health as we should.

The result is an array of problems that can develop over time. Discoloration, crookedness, cracks, cavities, and missing teeth are all common bugbears. All of these issues can be deleterious.

Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry can help. Problems, both freshly developed and long-standing, can be successfully addressed with the right procedure. Hopefully, the information here has convinced you of its value!

Do you have oral health issues you’re like to address? Have you considered going overseas for dental care? Be sure to contact us today to request further information, or book yourself an appointment.

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