Begin your journey in San Jose, where you will be picked up and delivered to a butterfly paradise at The Butterfly Farm in La Guácima, Alajuela. Accompanied by our guides, you’ll walk among hundreds of butterflies flying freely in the tropical garden. Watch the delicate creatures feed from the flowers’ nectars and fruits and learn how they deposit their eggs on the hosting plants. Follow the fascinating metamorphosis of these curious insects firsthand during your visit to the caterpillar & cocoon lab and the gallery where you’ll also learn about the symbolism and mythology that surround these wonderful species. In this Butterfly Farm Tour, you’ll see how science collides with nature’s beauty in the hope of preserving the richness of our planet. Your adventure continues with a visit to the Café Britt Coffee Plantation in Heredia.

Enjoy a fun trip through the world of coffee. Hand-in-hand with our experts, learn about the history of this “golden bean” and the process that transforms cherries into the wonderful elixir we enjoy every morning. At our sustainable plantation, learn about coffee growing, types of coffee plants that are allowed to be grown by law in our country, coffee regions in Costa Rica and the ideal conditions that our country offers to nurture and harvest the world’s best coffee. Learn how the experts “break the cup” and discover the most distinct attributes in each bean that make it TRULY a gourmet coffee. Learn how we select only the choicest coffee beans and what characteristics are the most sought after by connoisseurs in each coffee sample they sip. Finish this tropical voyage with an exquisite lunch at our Don Prospero restaurant, made with fresh, local ingredients. Enjoy every bite while surrounded by the local music, colors and freshness of the outdoor surroundings

Tour includes:

  • Transportation from San Jose
  • Bilingual guide (English/Spanish)
  • Lunch
  • Entrance fee to Butterfly Farm.

Value: $ 78.00 per person.