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Roughly 65% of the American population will visit a dentist annually. That number has remained flat for years despite the low unemployment rates the US has enjoyed over the last half-decade or so.

Why is that?

For many, the reason is the amount of hassle they need to deal with when it comes to receiving dental work.

Not only is dental care expensive domestically but given that the dentist to patient ratio favors dentists considerably, many people feel that they’re not given the care and attention they deserve when they seek oral care.

That’s why many Americans are hopping on the Costa Rica dental tourism train which entails taking a trip to the breathtaking South American country to get high-quality dental procedures done.

Costa Rica dental tourism provides a bevy of benefits to people from the United States. Below, our team outlines a few key advantages.

Big Time Savings

Even with insurance coverage, many dental procedures can set patients back thousands of dollars. Without insurance coverage, the cost of necessary dental work can be impossible to pay for.

This reality has led many to go through their life with smiles that are not aesthetically pleasing and that in some cases cause them physical pain.

Fortunately, dental service providers in Costa Rica are capable of providing the same quality of care US citizens enjoy domestically but at a fraction of the cost.

Given the stark contrast in the cost of living in Costa Rica when compared to the USA, dental service providers can charge a lot less for services without sacrificing quality. Furthermore, dental services in Costa Rica are more plentiful than in many areas across the United States.

That means more competition and better deals.

A Wider Variety of Accessible Providers

As we touched on in our previous point, there are a number of dental service providers in Costa Rica.

You may be thinking to yourself, “I live in a big city and there are plenty of dental service providers here too.” Ask yourself though, how many of those service providers can you afford?

When you partake in Costa Rica dental tourism, not only do you have options but those options are actually viable since you can afford them. That means that you can compare a variety of providers and pick one because they make you feel comfortable not because they’re the only practitioner you can pay for.

Easier Scheduling

When it comes to complex dental procedures, scheduling can be a nightmare in the United States. Sometimes it can take months for your dental service provider to call in a specialist to “okay” a procedure. After that, you’ll have to wait even longer for that procedure to get scheduled.

This waiting game means inordinate amounts of time living with a sub-par smile or managing unbearable levels of pain.

Thanks to the volume of service providers in Costa Rica and their deep appreciation for dental tourists, you can expect to get your dental appointment scheduled quickly. You also won’t experience massive amounts of downtime between observations and procedures.

If you’re looking to remedy your oral issues quickly, there is no better way to go about doing so than through Costa Rica dental tourism.

Outstanding Customer Service

One of the most common complaints we hear from Costa Rica dental tourism lovers is that they ditched their domestic dentist because they felt brushed off by them.

Maybe they were treated rudely during appointments. Maybe their dentist was unwilling to work with their unique scheduling or financial needs.

The fact is, dental practitioners in the United States are scarce and because of that, they don’t have trouble filling out their schedules. This can lead to them showing very little flexibility when it comes to any one patient.

The Costa Rica dental experience couldn’t be more different. As a matter of fact, if you talked to people who have gone to Costa Rica to receive dental care, you’d be hard pressed to find a single person that wasn’t a fan of the service they received.

Costa Rica dentists treasure their intercontinental clientele. That appreciation translates into exponential service.

High-Quality Dental Care

The biggest concern of people who are considering Costa Rica dental tourism is the quality of services that they’ll receive. After all, medical services provided internationally are sure to be below the standards of what you’d get domestically, right?


Sure, there are bad dental practitioners in Costa Rica the same way that there is in the United States.

Those that specialize in servicing dental tourists and have a strong reputation of excellence however are extensively educated, credentialed, and are certified by the Costa Rica Health Chamber for their high quality of care by international standards.

Believe us when we say that you can find a Costa Rica dental practitioner that is every bit as trustworthy as your domestic dentist.

Work and Play Opportunities

We’d be amiss if we didn’t mention one of the biggest draws of Costa Rica Dental Tourism.

You get to go on vacation!

Costa Rica is a wonderful place that is the apple in the eye of many international adventurers.

Intense natural beauty. Delicious food. Wonderful people… These are a few of the things you can expect between your dental appointments!

To get your dental work done while giving yourself the opportunity to rest and relax, there is no better place to be!

Wrapping up the Benefits of Costa Rica Dental Tourism

From low costs to high quality of care, there are no shortage of benefits you can enjoy if you choose to pursue Costa Rica dental tourism.

Are you looking for a renowned international dentist that’s based in Costa Rica to manage your oral needs? If so, look no further than our team at Advance Dental.

At Advance Dental, we’ve been helping patients from the USA and around the world get the oral care they need, fast.

Our dental specialists are USA-trained and are ready to provide you with the quality of care you expect.

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