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Thinking about taking home a teeth whitening kit?

Everyone is hungry for a sparkling white Hollywood smile. You can walk into any drugstore at the moment and find teeth whitening kits in the form of strips, toothpaste, pens, and rinses.

While a lot of these kits can be inexpensive and easy to apply, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t bring one home–no matter how cheap it is and how much you want real pearly whites.

Read on to learn why professional teeth whitening is your answer to getting the whitest teeth you really want.

1. Professional Whitening is Comprehensive

Teeth whitening strips are super popular these days because they are inexpensive and easy to apply. Most strips are exactly that–strips that you can stick onto your teeth for a set amount of time to experience whitening.

However, while some users may see some whitening results on the front parts of teeth, strips don’t get into the crevices between teeth. As a result, the whitening will appear uneven.

The same may also be the case for whitening pens. While these may get into crevices better than strips, they may not be very effective.

Professional teeth whitening procedures are comprehensive. They take care of all the surfaces of your teeth so that you can be sure your white smile is complete–even taking those crevices into consideration.

If you are really looking for a whitening solution that covers your entire smile, then you’ll want to toss that teeth whitening kit today and book an appointment with your dentist.

2. Cheap Doesn’t Mean Better

A lot of people are attracted to a teeth whitening kit because it is so affordable and convenient. Most drug and chain stores will carry all sorts of teeth whitening options by their dental care section.

It’s easy to get drawn to cheap dental solutions, especially if a visit to a dentist’s chair is simply out of the budget or not covered by your insurance.

However, teeth whitening kits present a good case of cheap not necessarily meaning “better.” In the moment, your purchase of whitening strips or other teeth whitening kit may be inexpensive.

But these kits may take years to show any solid effect–if any. They may also lead to severe damage to your teeth that will require future trips to that dentist’s chair. (See Reason #3).

In the latter case, buying a teeth whitening kit is actually more expensive than professional whitening treatment at your dentist’s office. Skip the unnecessary dental bills and your trip to Target by scheduling a whitening appointment–your wallet will thank you.

3. DIY Teeth Whitening Can Damage Your Teeth

This is the most important reason why you should ditch your teeth whitening kit immediately. Strips, pens, and more can give you satisfaction in the moment. In fact, most ads for DIY teeth whitening emphasize how fast you’ll see results.

But the results you do see, while not being comprehensive, can actually compromise your health in many ways.

Whitening strips can increase the sensitivity of your teeth and even lead to strange white spotting on your gums. Tooth sensitivity can lead to higher susceptibility to cavities and wear down of the enamel of your teeth.

In some cases, using a whitening kit can cause mouth infections and even stomach issues. Some individuals have reported mouth nerve damage and severe shrinking of gums.

All of these potential effects of using a whitening kit can cause immense medical expenses and lots of pain on your part.

Professional whitening kits will be tried and true to not cause any damage to your teeth, gums, nerves, or stomach. They will utilize dentist-approved chemicals to whiten your teeth effectively.

You can be assured that professional whitening will not land you in the hospital!

4. There Simply Isn’t Evidence

Some tooth whitening kits aren’t backed up by evidence–that they work or that they are actually healthy options for your teeth and mouth.

This is especially the case for DIY teeth whitening suggestions, such as swishing with baking soda or with oil. It’s easy to get anything off of the internet, particularly when it comes to home solutions for common medical problems.

But these may even be riskier because they aren’t backed up by professional evidence. Users may get sucked into using a kit that simply doesn’t work or leads to comprehensive damage.

Professional treatments, on the other hand, are backed up extensively by evidence. Your dentist won’t recommend a treatment unless he or she knows this to be the case.

Your treatment will have been applied to hundreds and thousands of teeth before yours–with guaranteed and substantiated results. When it comes to the health and look of your teeth, it’s important to go with something that is proven to work and maintain the health of your teeth themselves.

5. DIY Kits Don’t Keep You in Mind

The final reason why you should get rid of a teeth whitening kit is the fact that it doesn’t keep you and your dental history in mind.

Over the counter teeth whitening solutions are designed for general users, maybe with some variation on sensitivities. They are meant for really anyone who simply wants whiter teeth.

But some people have had a history of sensitive teeth, cavities, gum damage, and even smoking. Different people with different stories all point in one direction–different needs.

A professional whitening treatment will be recommended based off of your dental history and needs as a patient.

A dentist will be able to offer a treatment that is designed specifically for you. When it comes to medical treatment of any kind, this should be a priority.

Ditch Your Teeth Whitening Kit

There are many reasons why professional whitening is the best way to go if you want whiter teeth. Over the counter, whitening solutions are simply not as effective, and many can cause severe mouth and tooth damage.

While these DIY kits are often cheaper, they may be expensive in the long run due to their minimal effectiveness and bad side effects.

All in all, professional whitening will be tailored to you. You’ll receive effective and safe whitening treatment you can take with you for the rest of your life.

Interested in booking your whitening appointment today? Learn more about getting a dental treatment plan at Advance Dental in Costa Rica.

We offer professional whitening services to all of our clients with the promise of effective and professional service. We look forward to your visit!

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