Costa Rica dental implants

If you have dental problems, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss, mostly due to decay and injury.

Costa Rica dental implants can improve the feel and appearance of your smile.

Dental implants are replacements for the roots of your teeth. They provide a very strong foundation for replacement teeth that can be made to match your natural ones.

Based on your preferences and needs, these individual teeth can be removable or permanently cemented. This convenience and flexibility make dental implants an excellent choice for anyone dealing with the effects of tooth decay.

Keep reading to find out how Costa Rica dental implants can restructure your smile and give you your confidence back.

What Does a Dental Implant Involve?

Before the benefits of implants are discussed, it’s important to understand completely what the procedure involves.

The first step will be to create a treatment plan that addresses your needs. They can recommend different materials based on a variety of factors.

Then, after materials are selected, your tooth root implant post is placed in the bone socket where your tooth was.

As your jawbone heals, it will grow around the implanted post, forcing it to stay securely in your jaw. This process takes about six to twelve weeks.

If time is an issue, there are also some options available that have a shorter healing process.

To make your new implant, your dentist will make an impression of your current teeth. He’ll make a model of your bite, capturing all your teeth, to make sure that the new implant matches up perfectly.

Finally, your new tooth, called a crown, is installed. Rather than individual crowns attached to each post, some people choose to have a few attachments anchored to a removable denture.

Now that you know more about the process, let’s discuss the benefits of dental implants.

7 Benefits of Dental Implants

1. Improve Your Appearance

By using an implant, you’re getting the most natural-looking solution to tooth loss and decay. There are existing products that can temporarily create a similar look, but implants are permanent.

They’ll look and feel just like your own teeth. And since they’re modeled after your original teeth, you’ll feel like yourself when you look in the mirror.

2. Improve Your Speech

Many people who suffer from tooth loss use dentures so they can eat normally. Unfortunately, this piece of equipment has some drawbacks.

One is that when your dentures don’t fit properly, the teeth can slip into your mouth. This may cause you to slur your words or mumble.

With implants, your teeth will be fused into place. This makes it impossible for them to shift in your mouth, which can be very embarrassing.

3. Make Eating Easier

In addition to impairing your speech, dentures can make eating a chore. Besides the work required in using them to chew, you also have to take care of them.

Dentures should be cleaned often to prevent bacteria build-up. This process can take a long time. With implants, you can simply eat and go on with your day.

In addition, sliding dentures make it nearly impossible to chew. When you use implants instead, they function like your own teeth. This allows you to eat anything you like with confidence and no pain.

4. Give You Comfort

Having something foreign in your body is always going to feel a little uncomfortable. With Costa Rica dental implants, they’ll feel like a natural part of you.

We can’t stress enough how life-changing it is to feel like a “normal” eater again.

The days of contemplating your every bite can be over anytime you wish.

5. Improve Your Self Esteem

When you walk out of the office with your new Costa Rica dental implants, you’ll feel great about yourself. You’ll carry your body with renewed poise and confidence.

Having dentures can make you feel like everyone else can eat things that you can’t.

With implants, you won’t have to say no to your favorite foods anymore.

6. Give You a Lasting Improvement

Since Costa Rica dental implants are permanent, they’ll be in your mouth constantly. They’re remarkably durable and have been known to last many years.

With proper care, many patients report being able to use their implants for a lifetime. It’s this sense of permanence that should give you security in the future of your dental work.

In addition, Costa Rica dental implants offer a convenience factor. Since you have to take removable dentures in and out, they require a lot of extra work.

One of the worst offenses of dentures is the messy adhesives to keep them in place. It can be a nightmare to try to get the perfect placement and keep your teeth clean on a daily basis.

With dental implants, you can throw that adhesive tube in the bin.

Dentures can also be inconveniently embarrassing. When you’re out to lunch with friends at a fancy restaurant, adjusting your teeth during the meal can be very frustrating.

7. Improve Your Oral Health

One of the best parts about dental implants is they don’t require the dentist to file down your existing teeth. This is how a tooth-supported bridge functions.

Since the teeth near your implant aren’t affected by it, these teeth can all be left intact. That gives you a better shot at maintaining lifelong oral health.

In addition, when you have individual implants, they give you better access to the spaces between your teeth. This means you have easier access to those hard-to-reach places when you brush.

Where to Go for Costa Rica Dental Implants

Trying to get dental implants in the United States can be exorbitantly expensive. And many people these days don’t carry dental insurance to absorb some of the costs.

One way to get around this issue is by traveling to Costa Rica. There you can find a USA-trained and certified dentist to perform your procedure.

If you’re looking for a practice, contact us at Advance Dental in Costa Rica. We guarantee you’ll receive excellent care during your transformation.

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