• I want to improve my smile!

    Sometimes we are happy with our current dental condition but we have felt curious about how we could possibly improve it.

    We would be please to evaluate your smile and provide you with very quick and effective opportunities for improving it and making you stand out from the rest. You will get compliments for your smile.


  • I am missing some teeth!

    Teeth are lost by many factors such as cavities, gum diseases, congenital problems, some surgeries, etc.

    Depending on the space left by these lost teeth, and depending on whether or not there are teeth adjancent to such spaces, treatment can be proposed for restoring such areas, such as bridges or dental implants. It is important to replace lost tooth, as they all have a specific function.

    If these teeth are not replace, the remaining teeth will be compromised by heavier loads.


  • My gum are bleeding and/or my teeth are bothering me!

    The fact that gums bleed and/or that you experience discomfort in you teeth indicate that something is not right.

    These are natural bodily responses to alert us of the need for being evaluated for preventing greater problems. There is a wide variety of treatments that help us solve these situations that can become embarrassing and bothersome.


  • My teeth are crooked!

    Teeth tend to become crooked for several reasons: crowding of teeth due to lack of space, lost teeth (which creates space in the mouth and causes the remaining teeth to tilt towards such spaces) or teeth in leaning positions that push the other teeth.

    In such cases it is necessary to identify which is the cause for the teeth moving.

    Once the cause is determined, corrections should be made whether by using braces or, in some cases, by changing the shape of the teeth with different materials, such as resins, veneers or porcelain crows.

  • I don`t have teeth at all!

    A high percentage of people is edentulous, that is, they do not have teeth in their mouth.

    They have resigned themselves to this situation and have placed many or their dreams, goals and expectations on hold. Thanks to dental implants this situation can be greatly improved. From the possibility of using implants fitting dentures, improving their stability and hold, to fixed prosthesis on these implants, thus forgetting about removable restorations.



  • Other conditions

    If by any other reason we did not list your dental condition, please get in touch with us, since we have a group of specialists trained in the best universities in the world, willing to sit down with you and provide you with a personalized solution to your specific problem.