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When you think of full-mouth restoration, you probably think about the millions of adults and children who go years without seeing a dentist. But you needn’t be in the poorest of dental health to capitalize on the benefits.

In the following article, we will be discussing what this procedure can do for you. First, however, let’s examine the signs that you may be in need of one. Let’s begin!

Why You May Need Reconstruction

We have covered the signs that it may be time to have a tooth extracted in the past. Today, we are about to go a little deeper.

Dental issues can happen to the best of us, though practicing good oral hygiene can reduce the likelihood. Nevertheless, it is important not to beat yourself up if your smile isn’t everything you want it to be.

The important thing is to address issues as quickly as you can. So make sure you’re watching for the following signs, and if you are, consider setting up an appointment for a full-mouth reconstruction right away.

Trouble Eating or Drinking

Experiencing pains in your teeth while eating or drinking may be the result of sensitivity to hot or cold. But it also may signal the oncoming of tooth decay.

While the occasional issue may not be a cause for concern, trouble eating or drinking with regularity can be a sign of a more serious issue. Talk to your dentist right away.

You Are Self-Conscious

Some people have healthy enough teeth but lack confidence in their individual smiles. This is perfectly understandable.

See, your smile says a lot about you. It’s part of your identity, and when there’s something aesthetically “off” about it, it can cause you to be self-conscious about your individual worth.

People Have a Hard Time Understanding You

Dental issues can cause difficulties, both physical and psychological, in communicating with others. As you become more aware of these communication issues, the problem only gets worse.

Do people ask you to speak up a lot? Do you find yourself avoiding conversations because of the way your teeth look? Then it’s time for a restoration.

Declining Health and Wellness

Dental issues rarely stay confined to your mouth. They’re usually a sign of other health issues. And anything that affects the way you eat will start to affect other parts of your body as well.

If you don’t feel like you used to, take a look in the mirror. Is your smile to blame?

As you weigh the signs, don’t forget what brought you here in the first place. The benefits! Without further ado, let’s get to them.

1. Painless Meals

The first benefit of full-mouth reconstructive implants is a big one: enjoying your meals! Pain or discomfort while eating can lead to malnourishment or just keep you from truly enjoying your life.

If it hurts to eat, you avoid it. Or you could end up eating softer, more sugary foods that only contribute to tooth decay. With a healthier mouth, you can get the fiber and proteins you need for wellness.

2. Proud Smiles

The primary stabilizer of Costa Rica’s dental tourism is the affordability of full-mouth reconstruction. And what brings most people here for the procedure is the desire to be proud of their smiles again.

There’s a degree of strength and empowerment that comes with being able to flash your pearly-whites whenever and wherever you want. Pictures become easier to take. Others find you more approachable.

Being proud of your smile is like being proud of yourself. A restorative procedure gives that to you.

3. More Effective Communications

Another reason for full-mouth dental restoration is the ease in communicating. This rings particularly true when it comes to speaking in public and engaging in meaty conversations.

Becoming a more effective communicator will help you at work. It’ll help you land jobs. It’ll improve the relationships that you have with others.

4. Better Oral Health and Hygiene

With full-mouth dental surgery, you can hit the reset button and remove the stumbling blocks to good oral hygiene. (Namely, tooth decay, cavities, etc.)

It not only makes your mouth feel better. It also makes you feel better about taking care of it, so you’ll be more likely to brush teeth and gums regularly, floss after every meal, and get checkups once or twice per year.

5. Relief from Headaches and Other Conditions

Reconstructive dental surgery can do more than just reset the general health of your mouth and make you enthused about oral care. It can also get rid of nagging or even dangerous conditions. (Mouth cancers, gum disease, TMJ, and migraines come to mind.)

6. Superior Health and Wellness

We’ve already mentioned the positive effects that stellar dental health can have on your diet and confidence. But what about your physical health and wellness?

You already know where we’re going with this. Yes, restorative procedures can boost your overall health and wellness, and they may even contribute to longer life expectancies and higher quality-of-life.

If that seems unlikely, then you probably haven’t heard about the many studies that prove it. Studies show a greater likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s or heart diseases if you have poor oral health.

7. Improved Confidence

Confidence is everything. It sets you up for success in life, work, and relationships. And your smile is a major part of that.

A confident smile equips you for every situation that might come your way. Even the bad ones. It gives you a resiliency!

Feel the Benefits of Full-Mouth Restoration

A full-mouth restoration brings with it many advantages. But you won’t be able to experience them for yourself until you take that first step of recognizing the need and addressing the issue head-on.

At Advance Dental, we’re helping people come to terms with their issues every single day. We’ll work through your concerns and deliver the care you would expect and deserve.

So if you’re ready to take back control of your smile, let us know. Contact us today to set up an appointment or request more information. We’re happy and eager to help.

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